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  1. Hope you make it there ok. Just about to start my night shift with my girlfriend in darkest Manchester after mammoth xmas feast so praying for a Q night. Merry Christmas to everyone reading this!

  2. Tom, thats just screwed up. Anyways the benefits are there is plenty of over time for workig today. Merry Christmas and dont forget to drink dangerous amounts of alcahol. Then get a free taxi (Ambulance) to the local A+E department..

  3. Think I did that myself the other night at the hospital staff do, my car is still parked in the hospital car park where I was meant to retrieve it the next day.No chance of me being fit to drive for at least 48 hours after that night.

    Still the staff canteen did a wicked bacon butty.

    I did think about popping into see the ambulance guys to see if they were going my way to cadge a lift!

  4. Oh no!Still, I'm betting that getting on the outside of a mum-cooked Christmas dinner will make the world a better place again 🙂

  5. wouldnt it be ironic if one of the xmas gifts was a portable jumpstarter. i've had bat problems last year, but i got a battery charger with jumpstart and a long extension lead.

  6. Its now 23:40 and I can guess where you all are, But the question it. Did you all get what you asked for. I know this is going to sound sad, but I was given a book on Patient Handovers from SP. LoL

  7. … organisations like the AA and RAC spend so much on adverts telling you to get your car ready for winter. Oh well. A new battery will only be about 40 quid, but you'll need things like your radio code.Ever mindful of the pressure on the emergency services at this time of year (and you'd be amazed how many sirens we heard last night) we carved the leg of lamb carefully, handled hot things with dry teatowels (oven gloves are an accident waiting to happen) and drank responsibly. So any callouts your Glasgow colleagues got weren't down to us.

  8. Bit late now, so I'll just wish you and Laura all the best and brightest for the New Year.It was fun reading the serial posts about your Christmas. You don't just wish people Merry Christmas; you help give it to them.


  9. Forgive my concern, but it seems the last we heard of you was three days ago, when you were freezing at the side of the road waiting for a pickup…Have you made it ok? Is London's finest meat scraper now a frozen husk at the side of the road, or will he live to maternataxi another day?

    Hope all's well…

  10. Happy 2007 and beyond Tom to you, Laura, and all in the line of duty and friends and family. May life continue to be your goal.Glenda

  11. Its strange that I have almost the same experience, but I pent my first Christmas day in the airport. It was better that way since I would have not enjoyed listening to sirens for a plane crash.

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