4 thoughts on “Christmas Morning”

  1. Yea, my little sister is pulling an 8-8 shift, so she misses the whole kids opening the presents stuff and Christmas lunch. You got a shorter shift, but of course you cover more people.What's more annoying is some of her fellow shift workers are single, without kids, but because she's been away during the week (heck the last couple of months) to do her paramedic training they drew up the Christmas rota without her there or any chance to object and just presented it to her. So she's working today, tomorrow and most of next week as well.


    Ah well, no doubt she'll be zooming off to indigestion cases all over the Northern Irish coast.

  2. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, huh 🙂 Enjoy the food and enjoy Laura's company! At least you get to spend Christmas with your girlfriend, even if you do both have to work.

  3. well i see santa gave you one of your wishes to spend more time with laura, even if it at work.hope you enjoy your 8 hours with your beloved. do you plan on having xmas dinner together??

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