Twitter (And A New Thing)

I’ve been using Twitter a fair bit these days, it’s an interesting web-app that may well have…

Well, why tell you here when I have my shiny new blog to fill.

However, this belies the beauty of it. Once you have added a few friends (and more and more people are signing up as this meme spreads), then the inflow of short messages become like a Zen cloud of how people are feeling.

Here is the deal – on this blog I shall continue to write about ambulance work and the like.  I’ll keep up the normal posting frequency (when I have inspiration).  ‘Mental Kipple’ will be for anything that isn’t connected to ambulance work.  It’s somewhere for me to fool around, write about the things that interest me outside of the ambulance world and to let me practice different forms of writing.

It will let me keep this site ‘pure’, so that folks can’t moan when I post about things unrelated to ambulance work.

Lets see if I get bored after three months.

6 thoughts on “Twitter (And A New Thing)”

  1. i quite like the odd, life post. it show abit of the man behind the EMT. like the laura post, that was a good one. i hope this new blog wont kill them off

  2. Any chance you might get time to put the rest of your blog into a follow-up book perhaps?? I've really enjoyed reading your 1st, and haven't the capacity to read all the later posts online as it hurts my eyes (not to mention taking up way more time as I get sidetracked :)). Enjoying your work tho regardless.

  3. I have to say that I agree – I like the life posts as much as the ambulance posts – they compliment each other well. It was the ambulance stuff that first got me reading your blog, but it's the mix of them and the life stuff that keeps me coming back for more.

  4. Having just had a look, I think it's great – look forward to reading more of the random subject blogs which are often as interesting as your work-based ones.Re Tilly & the Wall – they played a gig at the Idea Store in Whitechapel a couple of months back, wanted to go but couldn't : (

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