Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.

Inspector Gadget explains why the politicians should listen to us bloggers on the front lines.

The news he references are

Former Army chief criticises MoD

Half of Asbo holders breach order

Knife Amnesties 'have no effect'.

And no, I had nothing to do with this. I only really do 'crap' jobs (recent posts not withstanding), so if the government wanted a quiet London they'd just post me to drive around in circles all day.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You.”

  1. That link to Inspector Gadget is still duff. I got some sort of Adult Content site. Is that guy on the title page you, Tom?

  2. “…if the government wanted a quiet London they'd just post me to drive around in circles all day.”I like the thinking there.

    Based on this, we could all foil the urban “terrorist” threat by staying in bed to 11am (9/11 – 8.46am North tower, 9.03am South tower and in the convenient 7/7 attacks, the “bombs” mostly detonated at 8.50am) and, perhaps, by making alcohol and strippers mandatory on planes…..

    I just read a great book called “The Instance of the Fingerpost,” Iain Pears, set in Restoration England, which explained the (new to me) diff between Cartesian logic and the old idea of observing things and then working out a theory from them.

    This “old” logic seems to be how our politicians appear to operate – anyone suggesting they create a desired outcome and work towards it (in the manner beloved of the lifestyle consultants and spin doctors we know them to rely on) is called a “conspiracy theorist” which is quite ironic if you look into the background of evidence-driven actions.

    “Conspiracy theorist” – that's as opposed to, a “coincidence theorist” who thinks NORAD standdowns, security drills and conveniently justified wars are the regrettable results of some nasty bad bearded men.

    Great thing, using your brain – you are taught to do it all through your life, then never know when you'll be asked to suddnely stop.

  3. Well done Gen Sir Mike Jackson. Pity you never had the moral courage to speak out when you were in a position to do somthing about it. Or does that say something for the strangle hold the government has on this country now?

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