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  1. I must admit my first thought also was 'bet he won't be able to have kids after all the times he'll have been whacked in the nuts while he was getting that good…'

  2. Completely reckless, irresponsible and dangerous.But damn, it looks like free running for bikes and it's my idea of fun! Wish I could do some of that stuff :o)

  3. Thats what were expected to be able to do to become Fast Response Cyclists in St. John (Sarcasm)…LoL guys got talent, Iv seen something similar to that the UK's Internation Moto X Park, Hmm there where no injuries thou. Although i got to ask how at the end of a 30 something year career, these guys still have balls lol.

  4. He needs his front wheel to balance on some occasions. Sort of cheating, really, isn't it?To answer the question: a genius AND a future customer.

  5. Our apprentice at work does this trick riding and having seen some of the videos from him and his mates I'd agree that they are both genius's and nutters… Some of the heights and distances that these guys jump is incredible.. Having said that, him and all the the guys (and girls) he rides with all wear safety helmets so they can't be that daft..

  6. That's one hell of a bunny hop.Still, if he becomes a customer of yours, he'll do so in spectacular fashion. One to tell the grandkids, no doubt. If he can still have them afterwards, of course…

  7. that's pretty awesome to watch. Think you might struggle with the eight minute thing- that'll be Aviemore, in the Highlands. At least from the twon they wouldn't bother scrambling the RAF chopper. Though I'm not sure where the nearest ambulance would be based- there migth be one there. I think the eight minute target doesn't apply in that part of the world.

  8. If he is a customer of yours shake his hand, pat him on the back and give him all the credit you can. What a god, he already earnt any assistance he may need, though I doubt he will ever need any.

  9. At least on a pedal bike there's limited damage you can do.This guy was both perhaps slightly foolish and very lucky:

    I believe he survived with only a broken leg or something similarly minor.

  10. OK, so this is what he can do after hours and hours of practice. Even if he gives up before becoming a customer in the future, he must have been a customer in the past.Still fun to watch, mind.

  11. The nearest ambulance station to Aviemore is ……………….Aviemore. (It's in the north end of the High Street). The “50% in 8 minutes” (or is it 75% this week?) CatA criterion most certainly DOES apply; the problem is that – in rural, or very rural, districts – it is very, very hard to achieve. However, we do our best – and it's usually pretty good. Still a point worth remembering, though, if you engage in hazardous activities!!

  12. He's earnt any assistance he may need by having fun on his bike?I wouldn't deny him assistance at all, when he has an accident I hope he gets all the help he needs, ambulance call-out, hospital treatment, a stay in hospital, surgery perhaps, statutory sick pay from his employer while he recovers…

    I also hope he is lucky enough to get back on the bike, and if he is unlucky and ends up permanently disabled I hope he gets all his state benefits sorted out, and a decent set of carers, and so on.

    But I can't see how he's “earning” anything by deliberately putting himself at risk.

  13. Possible future customer, but it looks to me as if it's only really his wrist and collarbone that are at any big risk. Low speeds and manageable heights make the risk fairly low, I reckon.Not like the time I had to call the Kingussie ambulance, when I was cycling happily along a Sustrans path and my dad missed a corner. The combination of a strong tailwind, a gentle downhill and a sharp bend in the cyclepath with an unguarded drop hidden behind the greenery made it a veritable honeypot of potential ambulance customers.

  14. That is undeniably and amazingly skilful.Say what you like about him maybe injuring himself, isn't it nice to see a young man taking his natural need for challenges and excitement back to himself and developing such a skill, rather than going out looking to mess up other people's lives?

    After the recent article about people mugging for kicks, something anyone who's lived in a rough area will know is behind a lot of urban mayhem, surely this sort of thing is to be encouraged.

  15. In response to this and my above reply, I dont want to turns Toms site into a You Tube spin off but I have to share this How Not To Do It with you.I am sure it hurt bad but kids will be kids and to deny them “growing up time” only makes them do it behind your back. It is all down to how you go about letting them learn the dangers of their actions (and this is NOT an example – it should not have got this bad, but he learnt).

  16. I live near to where that quad biker crashed and he was so stupid. He knew it was dangerous but still tried it in the very wet conditions. Then after, he complained to a local paper, about his treatment in hospital. While i'm all for people trying these stunts on bikes, and most look amazing, they shouldnt complain when they get injured. It is kind of unfair on people like you tom, to critise the care he got, when he knew the risks. And that guy in the original video, tom, was a genius and also a potential customer

  17. There it is again – see my comment several entries above. You didn't call the “Kingussie Ambulance”; there is no such beast. You called the Scottish Ambulance Service, and you happened to get the vehicle which we domicile at Kingussie. It would have been the one closest to the call locus. Had it been already engaged, you would have got the next nearest available, and it would STILL have been trying to respond within the nationally-set ORCON criterion – you know, the urban-minded government notion that we should be at your side 75% of the time within 8 minutes!!!

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