No Boom Today, Maybe Boom Tomorrow…

I'm not working at the moment because I'm off sick. It feels like someone has been kicking me repeatedly in the kidneys and I'm hobbling around rather than walking. Still I'm alright if I'm sitting somewhere nice and warm with plenty of padding, which gives me a chance to do some writing inbetween chewing down painkillers.

Thank the Universe for Amazon in the ease of buying Christmas presents. No longer do I have to fight my way through crowds of gum chewing, slack jawed locals in the pursuit for something 'just right'. Even my mum uses Amazon (well, she tells my brother and I to buy stuff for the other and then throws the money at us. None of us are sentimental about Christmas, it's all about the swag…)

Now for an ambulance story.

I was working a late shift when I got sent to a RVP (Rendezvous Point), these are normally used when there is a suspicion that there is some violence in the offering – the last ones I have been to have been for the arrest of someone over firearms offences and for the possible stabbing of someone in a domestic violence case. Both of which were uneventful, the arrest went calmly and the 'stabbing' was actually a 'stabbing pain' with a thick accent.

This one was different, someone had smelt gas and had called the authorities. The fire service had arrived and cordoned off the road, the police were there to managed the scene and we were called in case something went *Boom*.

We were left alone with all these other services for quite some time, normally there would be a DSO (Duty Station Officer) at an event like this, but I think he was halfway across town. So I promoted myself to 'Ambulance (Non)Officer In Charge of Scene'. It's what we are supposed to do with 'major incidents', the first person on scene takes charge until someone with some pips on their epaulettes turns up.

I promise that I didn't stroll around trying to look important.

I found the fireman with the white helmet and had a chat with him, then i found the police officer in charge and chatted with him. then I updated Control, then I chatted some more with the police about the weather, our stab vests and why they make such good body warmers, and finally of the people who didn't want to be evacuated from their homes.

The man from the gas board came and went with various technical bits of equipment, then told the fire officer that he needed someone above him to declare it safe. The woman from the council's emergency planning group turned up and I had a chat with her, and managed to wrangle an offer for a cup of tea.

So we waited some more, our DSO turned up and tutted that it was me there, in his words, “Why is it always you at the centre of the chaos?”

I informed him that as I was in charge, there was no chaos…

A bit more of a wait around before the scene could be declared safe and we could all head off. I left just as they were about to dig a hole to see if the leak was worth repairing or some such.

A nice easy job, no-one was hurt, which is always nice and it managed to last me until the end of my shift so I even got off home on time.

(And yes, the title of this post highlights my inner geek).

27 thoughts on “No Boom Today, Maybe Boom Tomorrow…”

  1. Me too, same reason. And mine even gets me to wrap my own presents too, because I 'do it better'.Still, at least I always get things I want.

  2. Just finished reading your book, keep it up.I am an ex-resident of your patch and find your experiences facinating.

  3. is this DSO the same bloke who, a few posts back, was desperately trying to keep you and Da Boss away from each other?

  4. Poor you, hope you feel better soon. Did have to laugh at your DSO's comment “Why is it always you at the centre of the chaos?”Well someone has to be, and it might as well be someone who tells us about it…

    Speedy recovery Tom

  5. Get well soon Tom.Love the post, especially the comment about it not being chaos but in control…it would all be made so much easier if it were left to the indians and not the chiefs!

  6. Nope, that was a Team Leader, this was a DSO.I quite like this DSO actually.

    (He says, slashing his reputation with his workmates)

  7. *snorts coke everywhere*Now, this is a journey I do atleast once a week (well, I work next door to King Georges), and its takes 15 – 12 mins.. maybe 30 mins if you're unlucky. The story kinda smells to me, as even not knowing the area fantastically, they would have known it doesn't take the 5 hours it takes to get to Manchester.. (though, my satnav did take me to Dagenham instead of Hornchurch the other

    day.. a difference of about 3 minutes!)


  8. yes Alison agree with your comment, surely crew were quite local, I live in the midlands, dont drive but know where Brentwood is!Get well soon Tom

  9. Feel better soon, Tom. I hope it's nothing too nasty, and be sure to get yourself checked out if necessary. *hug*LOL @ the “inner Basil Brush” comment. πŸ˜€

  10. Surprised to see no mention of the ambulance crew I heard mentioned on the radio today who were doing a hospital transfer of all of twelve miles and who didn't realise something was amiss until they were 200 miles away in the wrong direction. Apparently, the satnav wasn't working…….. The mind boggles!

  11. you need pips to sign the chits,need coms non to get it dun.

    Gongrats to mum

    for the son that rites

    and we dothe read

    Ye not be at the half way mark yet.

    why, tis people like thee that get those that fall at the hurdles

    to the vet in time.

    from an old codger that has a few marbles left.

  12. aw Tom, get well soon.Da Book arrived this week, and I'm itching to read it,

    but it's my crimbo pressy!!

    best wishes.



  13. Is it safe to assume that nobody is ACTUALLY kicking you repeatedly in the kidneys ? Need to get a complete history……

  14. My Mum uses Amazon the same way that your Mum does – except that I'm an only child, so she gets me to order my own presents then gives me money for them.Get well soon.

  15. Hope you feel better really soon.Babylon 5 – Grail / Jinxo episode – watched it forgot about it – searched it – remembered it πŸ™‚

  16. You may be pleased to know that I found copies of your book on sale in Hong Kong. Very international.I took the liberty of placing one of them with the cover facing out from the shelf as a bit of impromptu marketing.

  17. *snorts coke everywhere*Fimb, I'm not one to comment on other people's 'habits' but you really don't want to be broadcasting that to the world ; )

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