16 thoughts on “Is It Wrong?”

  1. At least if you had punched him there you would have had a level of satisfaction to face the rest of the long night ahead with . . .

  2. No. I once punched a Warrant Officer who took a swing at me after I asked him to return to his bed and stop disrupting the ward – patients on Heminvrin can be such buggers to deal with. Next morning he reported me to the ward sister, a Tartar of a Captain. She just looked at me with a wry smile and asked me how my hand was.

  3. Note that in law a proportionate pre-emptive strike may be a defence to prosecution for an assault so… erm.. go for it!

  4. Depends. One thing's for sure – if you punch him “fuck off and he's going kill you” is almost certain to follow, even from the nicest person.An interesting experiment in pre-emptive something or other.

  5. Yes – you said before ;)Now, AFTER he's told you to fuck off and said he'd kill you then a pre-emptive act of restraint using appropriate force in accordance with the circumstances (i.e. self-defence) – oh yeah, fair game mate!

  6. If thee had infomation that he possessed a weapon of mean distruction, then use the BB technique of a preemptive punch before he can do thee damage to thy vital signs. The Hague could be consulted, then thy local mafia could be informed .

  7. There are some schools of thought that say you should never fight fire with fire. On the other hand those people have probably never worked a night shift on the back of a truck in an inner city. If they had they'd be screaming for a stab vest & a cattle prod to control some of the demented halfwits we have to deal with.

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