…Where Reynolds Turns His Hands To Vidblogging.

Live Video Update

Created in my hotel room using my Macbook's built in camera and microphone. Minor fiddling about with the file via iMovie HD. I know I said I wouldn't post it straight away, but I've been sneaking a free internet connection, so photos (if allowed) will be later. how does a hotel get away with charging £15 for 24 hours connection when they charge £140 a night for a room?

(Now I just hope that the link works…)

36 thoughts on “…Where Reynolds Turns His Hands To Vidblogging.”

  1. Stick to the weblog please, I only read you at work and cant watch because of pesky firewalls. Reading leaves more to the imagination too.Seeing body language and hearing voice leaves little room for imagination. I sometimes like to imagine you jumping up and down on some stupid patients head when you are having a rant, where-as a vidblog will only serve disapoint my mental image.

  2. Tom – you wont (or more likely will) believe this. Your web link is “in breach of the LAS Internet use policy”, so cannot be accessed on the LAS messroom computers!!!!God alone knows what you're doing in that hotel room!!!!

  3. Well, I think you must be like Sinn Fein!! In that we can see you but I can not hear a word you are saying!! Lip reading is not my best skill!! I shall endeavour to hear you in your full glory, unless you can shed some light……

  4. Holly's lovechild in all his glory! Are you going to try and wrangle a walk-on part in Holby/Casualty? Paramedic would be too obvious. How about “man blogging in waiting room” (this is why I'm not a script writer).

  5. its to save bandwidth – if everybody stated to download files like this, the creaky NHS system would quickly grind to a halt.

  6. Brilliant! I literally “LOL”d at the end.You're looking awfully well old thing, not that you looked bad the last time I saw you or anything.

    Yay for free hotel rooms! I hope you have stolen everything not screwed down. They expect you to, it's quite legal.


  7. hope not, laura would get quite upset. was the RD message rip off done after you saw the vid back???how about getting norman lovett to say ” it's random acts of reality dave”

  8. Not sure if I've got any right to make this comment, but I've been following your posts for a while and they make for excellent reading. But do remember some people reading your blog are deaf. Of course this raises the question of whether you should put a text transcription or not as it is a lot more work. I'm not saying you *should* put in one or anything, I'm just reminding you that some people won't be able to understand your vlog even though they can see the video. Cheers!

  9. hee hee hee… dead dave….Marriot hotels can charge 15 a day for internet access because they host a lot of conferences and team-building jaunts and so on where the delegates *MUST* check their emails several times a day. And they say “15 please” and the people say “that's a rip off!” but eventually pay it anyway.For a real shock, try ordering dinner on room service and asking for some bread and butter with your meal. Last time I stayed in a Marriot I wasn't well at all the final night, and I didn't fancy a full meal, so I asked Steve to order some bread for me when he ordered his meal. Two slices of normal presliced bread. One pat of butter. Almost a fiver.BUT if you chat to the cleaners in the morning and be friendly rather than looking through them like they don't exist, they are more inclined to sneak you extra free biscuits 🙂

  10. Unlike me who can hear him but not see him, but as for the room, the BBC are cheapskates, the Swallow is MUCH nicer.Tom/Brian (definitely NOT T/B for short), hope you got a chance to wander round Brigstowe – where did you eat/drink/make merry? Guess I'm missing the place!

  11. If it's the Marriott at the bottom of Park Street in Bristol, then I believe free wireless internet is available all the way up Park Street courtesy of Bristol City Council. (Maybe that's what you're using already).

  12. Yup, I'm deaf too.. but I can't see 'Tom' going to switch to vlog anytime soon given the size of his audience (=lots of bandwidth) so I suspect its a one-off (I hope!) and it's nice to put a face on the author (apart from the many TV appearances – they don't count).

  13. I think you need Quicktime to view it, as it's in apple format.Also, when I right clicked on the link and selected 'Save target as…' and downloaded it, it worked fine, so that might be worth a try (guess what, he sounds like a london person 😉 ).

    PS have to get my magnifier out to enlarge the verification each time, any chance of a non visual prompt? 😉

  14. I Right Clicke, Saved File and Viewed it locally whic worked perfect for me.Very funny…I did wonder what my TV license went towards (apart from Tea and Coffee!!)

  15. If you look out your window you should be able to see Bristol Ambulance Station. Perhaps the BBC picked that hotel so you wouldn't get home sick!!!

  16. yes, I'm big on accessability (or rather I think it's very important), so I won't be making a huge leap to vidblogging anytime soon. to be honest I prefer writing.If I can get the speech recognition thing I have working, then a transcript wouldn't be too tough…

    But no – I'll keep writing.

  17. I hate having to use the verification, but it's the only one Blogware uses and if I don't use it then I get 500 spam comments a day.Which makes me unhappy.

    Trust me, I wish I didn't *have* to use it…

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