It all appears to have gone crazy in Newham. The hospital is full, they have no beds for admission and the A&E department is nearly overflowing. It's getting close to standing room only in the waiting room.The ambulances here are pretty much fully staffed, yet the police are bringing in 'blue call' motorbike crashes because there are no ambulances to send to them.
West Ham football club is playing at home later this afternoon, so that will mean more work.
Apparently the other hospitals in the area are in a similar position.
Whatever happened to Sundays being quiet?
I'm scribbling this while my crewmate quickly does paperwork before we return to the fray.
Sent from a mobile phone, probably from the cab of an ambulance.

9 thoughts on “Hectic”

  1. I live VERY close to the hospital I work at – and all we've heard since 9:00 is sirens…… weird perhaps the water supply to the UK has been spiked…..

  2. 2 police raids in my street last night (not in your patch though)..I put it down to this weather 29th October and I've been out in short sleeves. Its not natural.

  3. I have just got up…!!!Last nights night shift..should have been 12 hours, went to 13 hours because of putting clocks back…had a break at 0530 hrs (really 0630 hrs!).

    We were hammered from 1900 hrs til end of shift 0700 hrs. Probaly the same all around the country..unusally warm night…more people drinking/fighting/self harming/etc.

    Crews brought in from surrounding areas…everyone knackered!

    People I saw lots of last night (apart from patients) = police/nurses/doctors/police/milkmen/police/security at hospital/police.

    Most jobs were drink related with a high emphasis on drugs and knives hence the police were knackered too!!

    Oh well…one more shift to go then I,m off to the Lake District for a few days R&R.

    Going to do some walking and maybe some climbing…then on the night find a pub, get drunk, cause a fight and then go to the local hospital and fight some more!

  4. I too have not long got up after a 13 hour night shift – and what a night! I always find Sundays are the busiest days of the week though. I'm sure it's just people who are bored and have nothing better to do than call an ambulance…

  5. Could this http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6093560.stm have anything to do with it? Basically, those mysterious “scientists” that feature in so many news stories say that the extra hour from putting the clocks back makes people more clumsy. Would explain the sudden rise in accidents, I suppose.Or maybe everyone went “Woo! Extra hour!” and rushed off to do things without looking where they were going.

  6. oh heck, hope your not too tired. is laura doing the same shifts, if so is she had the same things ???Oh talking of the love of your life, are we going to hear from her or have a post telling us a bit more about her??

  7. None – just random happenstance. It happens sometimes for no reason, likewise it can be really peaceful for no reason.

  8. I'll ask her if she wants to put something up here.But, you know, I never identify people on this blog, so writing something about her feels generally wrong.

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