Loads of stuff, including twelve hour shifts has meant a slight slacking of the blog.  Time for some catch-up.

  • Mac Expo – Fun, and I met Magwitch, who’s blog you should definitely read.  I do dearly love my Mac (and my Windows box, and Xbox360 and…)  The problem with the Mac Expo was that there was a lot of nice software, just priced way out of my range.  £576 for a software backup solution?  No thanks!  I did buy one bit of software, and I’m training it now.  There were some good demonstrations and the general ‘vibe’ made it worth goig.
  • Laura is, as always, lovely and somehow is managing to put up with me and my personality.  She is obviously a saint.
  • I was in the Metro last week – I’m not sure if I should be happy though…  Allow me to explain.  I was approached by a PR company handling the new ‘Saved’ series.  They asked if I would do an interview with an online site and I agreed.  Then, without my permission, they reprinted some of my blog in the Metro as pretty much a full page advert for ‘Saved’.  While the blog is Creative Commons licensed, it is licensed under a non-commercial license, meaning that you cannot use it for commerical use without my permission.  So I’m not really happy that it got used without them even asking.  I may give them a little phone on Monday – or they could phone me…
  • What would you say if you had a chance to have a chat with the writers and producers of ‘Casualty’? On Tuesday I get a chance to have a chat with them and *ahem* put them right.  I understand that they must make the programme interesting, but it just seems a bit like the writing is lazy.  I think it would be for the best if I stick to the medical side of things.  Still, I’ll be enjoying their hospitality and will blog about what happens later.
  • I have a shiny new Bluetooth GPS receiver which, when coupled with my phone, means I’ll never get lost again.  Superb!
  • (Too busy to answer loads of emails #1) Loads of people offered me hosting for a WordPress blog, they are all very kind and I’ll be making my mind up about such things next week.
  • (Too busy to answer loads of emails #2) If you have sent me a ‘Thanks, I like your blog/book’ email, I will answer them, but it takes time for me to do so.  Sorry.
  • (Too busy to answer loads of emails #3) If you have emailed me about something important, it’s probably dropped off the face of my world, if you want to be sure I got it, please send it again.
  • Couple of medical stories are in the ‘vault’ ready to be written, normal service will be resumed soon, etc, etc…

11 thoughts on “Stuff”

  1. Don't complain about being in the metro… if it wasn't for that articale I wouldn't have found your blog! I am now dropping by daily to have a read and your linked on my site! mum lives close to your hospital and moans about the noise!! I am sure it can't be worse than our previous basildon hospital visit!

    Keep up the writing!!!

  2. Hey tom!Glad you had a good time- you ignored my charming text though (complete with photo-shhh).

    I read the neenaw post this evening- very good.

    I start my course in feb by the way- I totally rocked their worlds.

    Any advice apprecaited.


  3. do you really think the producers of casualty will give a shit abou your rantings about the medical side of their production? Really? Just talking a bit of a reality check here, but I bet they've had loads of assorted doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, cleaner, administrators and even patients tell them how wrong they are over the years.Still, have fun, and take advantage of free hopsitality, clearly.

  4. One of the writers from Casualty spent a week with locals crews in my patch, a year or so ago mind. He wanted to be sure that what was portrayed on the show was 'true to life'. So, yes, I think the producers will be interested in what Tom has to say.I'm also assured that Ian Bleasdale, who plays Josh, is a bit of an ambulance anorak and even goes out with crews to find out what really goes on.

    Good luck on Tuesday Tom.

  5. Hi Tom – I'd love to see some of your 'total waste of time' calls on Casualty – why don't you mention the 'broken toe' incident? Enjoy the hospitality!

  6. As far as Casualty goes I'd like to see the fact that as Ambulance crews we do a lot more than the “sexy calls” that they show reflected. Also if they could show crews in general spending less time hanging around that would be cool (Holby is worse for this) – every shot seems to have a Paramedic walking around with a clip board.

  7. It's really annoying when commercial publications nick your creative commons work isn't it? Yours is not the first case I've spotted recently!Still, if it hadn't been for Metro, I would never have found you… and your Random Acts of Reality are a very interesting read.

    Keep up the good work.


    P.S. I too had the opportunity to visit the Casualty set (12 years ago now) and was amazed as I walked through the doors from an industrial unit into a very realistic “hospital”.

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