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I'm heading off to the Mac Expo today. I've got to say I'm looking forward to it, it's been quite some time since I've been to a computer trade show of any sort. If anyone wants to meet up my mobile phone number is in the 'Contact me' section of the site.

I'm going to try my best to not return with an empty wallet.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous three posts – I try to stay a bit clear of politics on this blog but everything seems to be happening at once in the LAS.

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  1. Also off-topic but perhaps useful.I had to call an ambulance a couple of days ago. Well, my other half did because I wasn't far off passing out from the pain. The RRV person and then the ambulance crew were great: I didn't have a life-threatening problem but I was terrified and their calm professionalism greatly reduced my anxiety.

    Now back at home, I phoned the local trust's HQ just now to find out how to say thanks to the people who looked after me (not forgetting the dispatcher). If you do this, your comments are passed on to them and they get a letter from their chief exec.

    So if you need an ambulance, do phone your trust afterwards and say thanks.

  2. I offered biscuits to my last ambulance crew. Hopefully this was sufficient reparation… but I'll bear the phoning the trust thing in mind for next time 🙂

  3. Darn, I am off to the Mac Expo tomorrow, or I would have met up with you. I only finished a night shift at 7am today so it is a little too much to then trundle off to Olympia straight away.Let us know what if anything you have spent your hard earned on and if you spotted any bargains.

  4. Wheeheeee, that was fun. Sitting on the train, trying to emit “I've read his blog!!!” vibes. Don't think anyway picked up on them though…

  5. Completely off the subject. As a (very early) retired Paramedic from (what was) the East Anglian Amb. Serv. I was saddened to see that the Fire Service are still trying to get into the act of providing an Emergency Medical service, alongside their normal work. Any thoughts on that, or could you start a topic on it?

  6. I hope it was better than last year. I went for the first time and you could have renamed it iPod Expo – a bit of a disappointment. I'll stick to wandering into the Apple Store and drooling!

  7. I'm from the (what was) Two Shires Amb Service, now East Mids, why can't they leave trusts alone, anyway, i feel the fire service are doing the age old “lets try to justify our cause” thing, not enough fires, so lets play at medics, i'm going to fit a hose reel to my motor later, then i might get some press coverage………who knows, lets all stick to what we do best eh!! the fire sevice in my area refuse to help crews with heavy patients, until they have had an officer come out and do a risk assesment on the job, they state they are not trained in patient handling!!! thats a new one on me, seeing they are to pleased to help at RTA's with a longboard extrication, god bless 'em.

  8. Pah! i rate Macs down in the gutter with windblowz. Ill sit here smug with my linux box(sorry for random geek snobbery)

  9. I think it's a fair bet that my biscuit tin probably contained its usual mix of McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives, and some Maryland choc chip cookies.I realise it's near enough blasphemy in some circles to say this, but… I'm not a big hobnob fan.

  10. Now now, variety is the spice of life… I'm currently at my boyfriend's house where the two of us have:One linux box,

    A giant Windows server (and I mean giant, it doubles as a coffee table) which he was allowed to take home as opposed to scrapping when Large Computer Company that he worked for at the time upgraded,

    Two Windows XP laptops (one each),

    An ancient creaking thing running Windows 98 (not in use),

    A Pocket PC running Windows Mobile,

    A Treo… thing,

    … and a load of spare parts.

    No Macs.

    Do we inherit the earth or not?

  11. Problem is.. the firefighters aren't covered by their employers if they happen to break their back lifting a heavy patient which is testamount to the lack of support these guys get. Like in the police, the HSE has too much time in the fire service.I think medical stuff should be kept to the experts as much as possible and leave the water fairies to do what they do best. Have you been in a cab of a fire engine? With all the new gear, CBRN stuff, some of them are having to carry a stretcher across their laps in the cab to any 999 call whilst trying to get ready inside the said sardine tin.

  12. Tom,Some of don't get to play in London and have been on the edge of our seats to hear what you thought since last night… spill

    Don't make me beg it would be embarassing for everyone.


  13. Hope you had a good time Tom, did Laura accompany you? or did the residue of your lurgy, which I think I got by osmosis through cyber-space!Been interesting reading.


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