Another Benefit Of Creative Commons

Here is a fragment of an e-mail I received the other day. It makes me more than happy to have released the book under a CC license.

I'm an occasional reader of your blog and have just

downloaded the CC version of your book (I would've

bought the book itself but I'm in Nigeria at the

moment and Amazon refuse to deliver here – can't think


How superb is that?

I'm feeling better now, thanks for all your kind words. For some reason I got a load of 'flu-like' symptoms for 48 hours, aching joints, lack of sleep, headache the whole nine yards. Maybe it was some nasty mouth bacteria that got into my tooth-hole. The worst thing was that I had to cancel a day with Laura. Something that made me feel even more wretched.

2 thoughts on “Another Benefit Of Creative Commons”

  1. its a shame you had to miss a day with laura. do you think she would want to come around a nurse you. or would it be a busmans (or womans) holiday 😀

  2. it was man-flualways call it man-flu

    even occupational health recognises the term (obviously only after the hattie jaques type nurse behind the desk stops laughing)

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