I'm sitting in my dentist's office, waiting to have one of my teeth pulled out.This is something that is planned and I'm, rather strangely, looking forward to it.
…and no, I don't have a fetish for dentists.
Sent from a mobile phone, probably from the cab of an ambulance from a dentist's office.

5 thoughts on “Tooth”

  1. the thing that got me about getting my tooth pulled was the noise it makes! sounded like my jaw was being smashed

  2. Poor you, but better the dentist than continuing with the toothache you were probably suffering from if the fix is to remove it. Hope it went well and you are soon recovered.Sage

  3. You're looking forward to getting a tooth pulled but you don't have a fetish for dentists…I know! Laura's the tooth fairy right?

  4. I fancied my dentist, though not as a fetish – I hate the idea of dental work, and hadn't been for years, but when he'd finished I sent him a nice “thank you” card… with my number casually included.After all, lust can combat fear and phobias, so it was a less unpleasant experience than it could have been if he'd been a snaggly-toothed fraggle.

    Perhaps because he's gorgeous and so doubtless has a girlfriend, I didn't hear back.

    And now I need some more dental work, his practice is the cheapest in town and I'm damned if I can show my face there again.

    Funny old game…. LOL

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