Veil #4

Birmingham University medical school has banned full face veils in clinical areas. It just interests me how such things spread, not that I wish to turn this blog into 'veil-watch'. As an update to the post about headscarfs being made part of a school uniform, it appears that this was misreported (although the cynic in me considers that they have decided to quickly change the policy after the media attention). Check the comments of that post for more details.

(Via Warren Ellis)

Oh yes, the WordPress question doesn't mean that I'm moving this site to WordPress – I'm a Huge fan of Blogware and my hosting company. I'm just interested in starting up another blog for non-ambulance stuff.

7 thoughts on “Veil #4”

  1. I can understand the diverson of veils – after all the press find the care and attention given to poor injured footballers far more interesting if the Evening Standard is anything to go by.Having read your book I'm left wondering what happened to the private air-ambulance reserved for 'superstars'?

  2. I agree about the media attention prompting a quick ammendment, but I also have to say that here in Leicester there really is in general a genuine attempt by the various communities to get along. Something the city is very proud of.

  3. Yes, I've only been here since the early '90's, but have heard that it was a big place for National Front marches in the '70's.Thankfully all that has long gone, and other cities both national and international have sent representatives to Leicester to find out what it is that makes the city so culturally harmonious now.

    You get the odd old person making comments, and it can be a bit iffy on some estates out of town, but in the city itself there is a real sense of different cultures getting along. Certainly the BNP got nowhere in the local elections here, despite their efforts to stir up trouble via leaflets.

  4. this is it, in my (limited) experience, MOST Muslims want to get along with everyone, MOST Christians want to get along with everyone, MOST atheists want to get along with everyone – in fact, most people want to just get along with everyone*.And then you get a minority of extremists who are spoiling for an argument, and the press blow it up out of all proportion, so that the argument becomes a nascent war…

    (*younger siblings don't count)

  5. This is news?I can't imagine that a medical school has ever permitted veils to be worn in clinicals.

    Mine doesn't allow them – at all.

  6. Surely all that is required here is a little ingenuity to make everyone happy…. a veil surely covers the same area as a surgical mask. Do they have to be black? Anyone enterprising enough to make sterile veils for surgery? 😉

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