If You Are Interested In How Well ‘Da Book’ Is Selling…

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I hope that it does make The Friday Project huge amounts of money, because everyone who works there is lovely* and they deserve good stuff happening to them.

Proof, perhaps, that a Creative Commons release will only sell more books?

*With the exception of Pond, who is wicked.**

**Wicked as in Evil, not in the 'street word for good' way.

15 thoughts on “If You Are Interested In How Well ‘Da Book’ Is Selling…”

  1. Just finished the book actually. It hasn't left my side over the last three days since I bought it, and it's done nothing to dissuade me from persuing a career in the ambulance service heh.Stu, Manchester

  2. May I ask a question?I've dl'd the book, but let's face it my printer's cr4p so I'll probably buy it too. That's all very nice.

    My mum, however, is a big Joseph Wambaugh fan, offline since she hates technology, but would love this stuff – so may I ask you/anyone who knows:

    1. does the book contain anything that's NOT in the blog so far;

    2. is the book in a sensible normal print format, or is it on suspiciously shiny paper and in strange fonts?

    Hope someone can help,

    Kind regards,


  3. PS wouldn't “Pond, who is scum” have required less justification/explanation and also not been open to misinterpretation?Okay, I'm going to go alphabetise my socks now, so outta here!

  4. Just about to finish your book! But my fiance keeps nicking it off me so now it's turned into a race to finish it. I nabbed it back this morning off her bedside table cos I leave for work before she gets up for college muwahahaha….Anyway – just wanted to say it's a great book mate and I hope it does well for you. Will there be a follow-up at some point?/j

  5. if it helps, “Pond, who is scum” had actually settled itself in my brain too, to the point where I just had to check whether Tom had said it or not…I arrange my socks by the Dewey system.

  6. it's a perfectly normal book, although you get the odd funny look if you sit in a cafe reading a book with the word “BLOOD” emblazoned across the top of the front cover.I think all the “posts” in the book are also in the blog, but there's little bits before and/or after some posts saying how things turned out, or what kind of comments it got, that sort of thing. I seem to recall Tom describing these as like the commentary on a DVD's “extras” section.

  7. Thanks! 😉 Shall buy it then, maybe buy some brown paper to wrap it in… no but then I'd look like I was reading *ahem* adult materials…. I'll just buy a tomato juice to go with it maybe.

  8. I just got the book for my birthday last week – and I cannot put it down (infact I nearly got hit by a car trying to cross the road whislt reading it – not clever)But, despite my near death experience I am completely hooked!

  9. i had a look and seen what is said. but i like to know the amount sold from what i can work out it about 20 thounds books ??? is this right or is my brain being dead again??

  10. the book is fantastic and i'm another who hasn't been put off the ambulance service. have recommended it to all my friends and family to so hopefully the royalties will be on their way soon!!!

  11. In Waterstones, Cambridge the book has moved from the ground floor in two locations, up to the top floor in the Medical section. So easy to find now…

  12. I love the book! What a good way to waste the last few weeks of my summer!When I finish it I'm sure I'm gunna sit around trying to work out what to read now!

    I've never laughed at the stupidity of some people so much!


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