I am currently so tired I'm not actually human at the moment – after a few litres of Coke I approach sub-human. This is not a huge disadvantage in this job.

Thankfully it was a pretty easy day today.

One call was to a teenage girl with abdominal pain, diarrhoea and vomiting. She described herself as an alcoholic. I let the nurses at the hospital know, perhaps she'll get referred to the social services, perhaps she is already known to them.

Then there was a homeless guy who was suicidal. The community mental health team wasn't interested in seeing him, so he went to A&E where the nurse in charge took good care of him.

Another call was to one of our 'regulars', a child who keeps collapsing. He's a nice enough lad, but so far investigations have shown nothing. It's believed that he collapses because of stress over bullying, various people are involved in his problem.

The final call of the day was to an ill person that we never reached. On the way to the call we came across a four year old child which had been sat on the crossbar of her father's bike. Somehow she'd got her foot caught between the wheel and the forks of the front wheel. There was some serious swelling and bruising to her foot and ankle, thankfully she wasn't otherwise hurt. It's possible, but unlikely, that she could have broken a bone in her foot.

The child was really grown-up, hardly crying at all. She did keep giving me a sullen stare though…

Darn kids can see right through me.

6 thoughts on “Forked”

  1. I was bullied (mostly psychologically – but that's not really the “easy” option) and had genuine asthma attacks and also skived off school a bunch as a result. Got taken to court, threatened with a care order, but no-one EVER mentioned Home Schooling – ie, take your child out of school, and parents can learn more about it from the various homeschool orgs.In these days of the net, no-one should be uninformed or let their kids live through hell (which – despite the bully's favourite myth/justification – does NOT make them stronger) – when this is an option.

    Rant over, but I regeistered just to post this because I'm 36 but still feel the pain that pathetic bullying caused me, and I feel for any kid having to deal with bullying.

    Smoo x

  2. Hi, do you have any idea why the CAMHS team wouldn't try and help the man? Was it because he was homeless or just the way they are? They SHOULD have a crisis team (though of course normally during office hours, so we all try and keep our suicidal impulses to then). Thank heavens for good A&E nurses. I hope that he got adequate help from the psych. services as well.

  3. I have to echo the earlier comment re. the homeless man. Was he seen by the crisis team in A&E?In our area we will see anyone presenting with a mental health crisis although we do like the person to have been checked out by a doctor first of all to rule out any physical cause for their presentation. In the case of homeless people, we assess them in the local A&E dept. The person might be stating suicidal ideas for a variety of reasons but it is still best to assess them and, preferably somewhere safe and appropriate. As for hours of operation…we are a 24 hour service.

  4. My cynical mind would suggest that it is just the way they are. I've almost never had a 'simple'referral to psychiatric services go simply. Just anecdotal evidence mind you.*shrug*

    Maye i'm just unlucky.

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