Cynical Minds Thinking Alike

Us healthcare people can be nasty cycnical minded swines sometimes.Sent to an eleven year old child suffering from an asthma attack, I arrived to find the child breathing normally. His oxygen levels are better than mine, his breathing is nice and relaxed, and on listening to his chest I can detect no wheeze or chest infection.
The child tells me that his chest is still feeling 'tight' even though he has no other symptoms of any difficulty in his breathing.
Why is it that myself, my crewmate and the nurses at the hospital all have the thought that today is Monday and therefore a school day uppermost in our minds? Could the child be faking his illness just to get out of school?
As I say, we have nasty cynical minds.
Still, it meant a nice early trip to the hospital where I could score something to eat…
Sent from a mobile phone, probably from the cab of an ambulance.

19 thoughts on “Cynical Minds Thinking Alike”

  1. I smell a special cross over is in order.My stange brain has already come with a title for this strange hybrid post,

    “Random Acts of Nee Naw” which just sounds odd.

    I shall crawl back into my hole now

  2. It IS bad if it meant a wasted ambulance call out, but even so the kid must have a bad time of it at school if a morning in hospital is preferable.I used to work for the DWP (Jobcentre), and ended up with a suspected ulcer due to stress. It was when I lay on the hospital endoscopy table, gagging on the tube down my throat and STILL thought 'well at least this is better than being at work' that I realised just what the job was doing to me emotionally.

    If that kid hates school enough to prefer a morning in hospital then his parents should be looking into why.

  3. That rings a bell. I do believe I'm your radio operator today! Now I just have to work out which truck you're on…

  4. I used to skive school by faking a tummy ache (easy to act, hard to disprove). I used it to avoid being bullied. Wrong or right?

  5. I think I did that on more than one occasion.There's a difference between that and ringing for an ambulance though.. I'm guessing the parent(s) did that bit, in which case they need their heads knocking together.

    I volunteer.

  6. I frequently mimicked snuffles and bad belly to get off school due to bullying. I think the stomach ache was real, tho' – fear of bullies does make you feel sick.My parents never called the ambulance though, and never did anything about the bullying…


  7. I remember my now 24 yr old son in his early secondary school days complaining of tummy aches on many school days. I decided he was trying to skive off for whatever reason, and one day I decided to call his bluff. I marched him down to our GP and told the GP he was complaining of tummy ache and was expecting the GP to prove nothing was seriously wrong.The GP told him to lie on the couch and had a feel of his tummy then declared, “oh my goodness, come and feel this” – and I could indeed then feel something quite hard and nasty and it turned out my son had a severe case of irritable bowel syndrome.

    I have never been quite so cynical since, and my now 14 year old daughter probably gets away with a few more days off than her big brother did!

  8. It can backfire though as my little brother found out. After regualarly having monday morning “tummy ache” my Mum had enough (the pain usually disappeared about 10am) and told him to go to school but come home if he felt worse, about 2 hours later she collected him from school (he actually looked ill now) visited the GP who diagnosed appendicitis, so she took him to hospital where he had an appendectomy. Mum felt guilty for ages but it taught him a valuable lesson! I always used headaches as my excuse, also impossible to disprove…

  9. As someone with asthma myself, I've never used it as an excuse. When it happens badly, you really know about it – the last time I had a proper attack was after shearing alpacas (don't ask, really). I spent the night unable to get any kind of full breath, finally gave in at 8am and took myself to the doctors, by which point I was almost grey and could only talk 2 words to a breath. Crying wolf on that one would be fairly pointless, surely?Besides, when I was at school there was always headaches to use, or even better, PMT…

  10. My brother once got a day off school in a novel way. He filled his mouth with sandwich spread (it even looks disgusting) and honked it up in front of mum. Result? Day off school.

  11. Such a shame you couldn't produce a really *big* syringe and needle to help treat his symptoms. Or am I just being evil?

  12. Not so much PMT but period pains and periods themselves – especially when it came to swimming lessons.Funny how they always coincided…

  13. You mean that you don't recognise my voice from many media appearances?/ego

    I'm on J210 7-19 up to Thursday – I think you let us go unavailable from RLH for fuel around 16:00. I vaguely think that the intials were yours.

  14. Obviously not! I was actually going through the call logs trying to find the call you just posted about (I vaguely remember GBing it) but couldn't. I thought you ran out of Newham which is what confused me. Don't remember letting you go unavailable for fuel but the other radio op is of the opposite sex so it must have been me!I'm on again tomorrow, Wed and Thu and may well be on your radio again (this is really giving my identity away, isn't it?) so will keep an eye on you!

  15. For me it was always: if I had a temperature or was actually being sick, I could definitely stay home. If it was a headache or similar, and I managed to persuade mum it was genuine, then it was a case of staying home, in bed, thick bedroom curtains closed, no lights, no books, no tv, no computer games, and mum would check on me every hour to see if I needed more water or to bring me my sandwiches – no getting out of bed allowed. If I claimed an awful bellyache, then it was the same thing but no food for 24 hours.Meant I rarely if ever tried it on, but that when I was really ill, I had the best chance of fast recovery.I don't get it when “off sick” equates to “extra day of Weekend to play games and go out and have fun”.

  16. I remember a friend and I trying to get a day off school when we where 10 because we were being bullied and didnt want to go. We sat and ate loads of rotting apples (bleurgh) off her tree, and a few flowers off some other bush. Obviously we had good immune systems because it didn't even give us a funny tummy. Don't think we'd have enjoyed our day off if we had.I was the kind of kid that was never ill and my mum wasnt the kind of person to let me stay off school with a cold. However I used to faint as the sight of blood (including paper cuts) and I was always playfighting and on numerous occaisions got knocked out so I got out of stuff while in school.

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