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I was at the preview screening of Hallam Foe last week, invited by the lovely Gia. (I'm not going to review the film as it was still a rough cut, but while I normally like my films to have spaceships and explosions I was enthralled by this film. I would recommend it. I also loved the soundtrack.)

There were 33 of us, bloggers in the main with a lot of familiar faces. Someone remarked that it was the 'A List' of British blogging – something that troubled me a little.

You see, the thing that I love about blogging is that it is something that evolved without hierarchies (apart from my now horribly dated joke). It came about, in part, as a way to build communities without leaders. Every voice is equally valued, everyone has the same chance. It just makes me a bit itchy to think about how some people have been elevated to the 'A List'.

The thing that does give me hope though is this – All the people who I personally know via blogging are all lovely people, something that I was talking with Euan about this very thing. I believe that blogging self selects nice people. If the definition of 'nice people' includes willing to listen to other people, to consider their viewpoints and to examine and challenge your own thoughts then, if not predisposed towards this before starting blogging then the process of blogging will teach you how to do this.

Maybe I think too much, maybe my blood sugar is too low – but I get vaguely embarrassed at there being an 'A List', and even more embarrassed that I might be considered part of it.

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  1. Ditto…i shall name him brian….oops sorry isnt that from Monty Python?!Tom it is 🙂

    Not that much of a can of worms was it Snowdrop!? Torian lol…sounds like a character from Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter!

  2. I enjoyed your horribly outdated joke mainly because I have a blog that I use for putting up photos of my dogs (which are far superior to cats) and for linking things so I don't forget to visit them later. I might start actually writing eventually, but since I mostly want to complain about people who might find that blog, I probably won't.My personal blog hierarchy is such that any blog I visit daily is on the A list because it must be cool if I like it (heh). I visit this site everyday I'm at work (fried motherboard on my PC at home), therefor you are on the A list. Yeah, I'm just that cool.

    Oh, and my husband says to tell you that his Drunk Waking Technique really does work and he's woken up drunks where everything else failed by sticking a long weed into their nostrils. (He was also happy that you shared it with your station…)

  3. you've actually got a sort of community of people who visit your page just about every day and talk to each other as well as to you, I think that makes you a “popular” blogger, and “popular” is pretty much a definition of “A-list”.Also, am I no longer nice just because I had to stop blogging? Or was I forced to stop blogging because I'm not nice?

  4. Blogging attracts nice people? What about Hindrocket, or whatever his name is? Michelle Malkin has a so-called blog. This is without even getting into the nether reaches of hell. Maybe it depends what side of the Atlantic you're on. Maybe we've been at it longer, and on your side of the water, the low wattage types haven't hired anyone to lead them to the bus yet, so they haven't caught it./Take deep breath. Try to remember which side of bed I got out on this morning. Wait for meds to kick in./

  5. Society loves hierachy – when you turn up on site for a call the people who have called and those just hanging around defer to you for one reason. You are above them in the situation they find themselves in. Same with blogging, though the structure is based on numbers rather than knowledge. You get more hits than X so you are better than them, it works the same with booklists (tee hee). If you score more hits then you are better than X. It's natural selection, though wether your offspring will be good bloggers mat be down to nurture etc etc

  6. You obviously know a lot of bloggers. Are there any good UK firefighter ones you know of? I already know lots of 'not fit to print' police stories as my Dad is a retired PC, andI enjoy your tales from the EMT front line, so I'd like to complete the emergency services trilogy and learn more about the real side of being a fireman/woman.

  7. It's Ok to be 'A' list – if you don't want to be there.Zaphod Beeblebrox was selected to be Galactic President because he didn't want the job. Anyone who did want the job was automatically unsuitable and so couldn't be chosen. (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, D. Adams)

  8. I wish I could get my brother to blog his firefighting stories but he like being in ruralshire so he can fully live up to the water fairies name – so good stuff doesn't come around often enough to keep an audience captivated and the rest is all politics.I remember him describing a call out to “Man stuck in garage” – the crew got there, could hear the man inside, lifted the garage door, and saw him kneeling against a sidedoor and wondered what the problem was. It turned out the poor guy has slipped on some oil and fell eye-first into the door handle. Luckily for the guy, the door handle was curvy and it merely “scooped” under the eyeball rather than poking it. He amazingly recovered from it.

  9. Ok Tom, Brian whoever you are! We hereby christen you (quite unofficially):BRIOM

    Just to avoid any confusion!

    Phil (with the blessing of SnowdropEMT!!!)

  10. Blogging has become the friendly over-the-garden-fence neighbour chat of the new millenium. I don't consider you an A list blogger perse…more a really nice neighbour.

  11. Just enjoying this collection of comments, criticisms and rants. I am new to the blogging scene totally. I will visit the archives to catch up so by 2007 I should be up to speed. I have more than a passing interest in PHTLS due to my hobby. I will not name organisations as in my experience it opens up cans of worms politically, which should not be opened. Anyhow, congratulations on the success of the book, which I inadvertently possessed from my colleague thinking it was my “Oldchurch boredom killer”. I might give it back to him but he is so forgetful he won't realise that it is missing.

  12. But dahrling, of course you're A-list. The blog is ok, but print, radio, tv…It strikes me that the next logical step is the American market and then Hollywood. Now you will of course need an Agent, and though I hesitate to mention it a voice-coach and some minor cosmetic dentistry. My colleagues are happy to help, and for a mere 85%, (but let's not talk moolah, dahrling, it's soo pass). Then who knows, Naturalisation after a few years then Governorship of a mid-western State, then Tom for President!:-)

  13. Hi Tom,You say “someone” remarked it was an 'A' list…….If that person was a representative of so-called mainstream media then I'd relax! If it was another blogger, maybe s/he was being tongue-in-cheek and then I'd relax.If that person was not media and was a blogger and was serious, then I'd itch too…….but my fists would be itching ;)Elitism? No thanks……I'm with you totally on that point! Reminds me of George Orwell's Animal Farm – all bloggers are born equal but some are born more equal than others……heh…..

  14. Attending previews and supping on champagne is clearly too distressing for you, i'll go next time, it's the least i can do. Ahh bloggers, such nice people.

  15. Briom sounds like the name of a fairly normal sorta person; whereas Torian makes him sound as though he should speak with a fruity accent (a la Brian Swell) and drive something grander an a Fiesta.Also, I doubt anyone named Torian would be an EMT.

  16. HaHaHaTORIAN sounds a bit conservative don't you think???

    At least BRIOM sounds nice and earthy, down to earth and friendly….

    (Phil, I feel a whole can of worms opening here!!) ;0)

    Tom/Brian any preference??? LOL


  17. Early adapters maybe, but A List? Yikes. I'm worried about elitism, too, but I think certain people are deemed to be 'A List' (or hwatever you want to call it) because they, in various ways, represent blogging within the mainstream media. They appear on the radio, in print, on telly or even *ahem* write and publish books based on their blogs ;)…Anyway, it was so lovely to see you! It's been ages… The film was lovely, the company was lovely, all-in-all an excellent night. 🙂

  18. You know – online i'm more than happy to be 'Tom', it's my middle name and I've been known by it for more years than I've been blogging…

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