The final Thing That Interests Me, and it's the big one that I've been saving until last.

Her name is Laura, she's a LAS relief and she's my girlfriend.

She is, at the risk of sounding soppy, *lovely*. She's also worried that by revealing this I will be reducing my marketability, I'm not so sure, I think that folk will be happy for me.

We've been going out for a while now, and she is the first woman that I've been able to *sleep* with. Previously I've never had a good night's sleep when I've shared a bed with a woman, with Laura this isn't a problem.

(It may just be that she wears me out before I go to sleep, what with me being an old man…)

My previous relationships haven't lasted very long, but I think that this one will last for quite a while. The biggest problem is that we both work shifts and that can mean that we don't see each other for over a week.

As I write this she is watching over my shoulder, and it's a really nice feeling.


But nice.

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  1. Good. :)Welcome Laura, may I recommend you practive a sternal rub if he is spending too much time on the computer games. It also works if he believes it is not his turn to make tea/ dinner/ wash up etc.

    Or get your own log in that we recognise.

    I was on a forum recently and Mr F was posting regularly that hour. Mrs F comes on line and says ” Your dinner is on the table, get off the PC”


    We may stop winding him up about it soon….

  2. Good. At least if you both work shifts, you understand. Email, that wonderful stream of thought between two folks when phones or contact isn't possible.Mutual admiration is nice too. Hi, Laura – good for both of you.

  3. I'm really happy for you, Everyone needs someone to make them happy.I hope you will give us updates on how things are going.

  4. Laura, what a lovely pseudonym.Enjoy the moment. Some of the comments seem to almost have you matched. Ignore the pressure. :-)ps I have a new girl (7lbs 6oz at 4.17am 29-9-06)N

  5. Hey Mate, I have followed your blog for over two years, first from Oz and now from London which makes it even better as I now know the places you talk about. I read your blog every morning when I get into the office and todays post put a real smile on my face. I don't think it will ever affect your marketability, I believe everyone will just be happy that you are happy. Hopefully we will get some guest posts from Laura with another perspective on the enigma šŸ™‚ that is Mr Reynolds

  6. EXCELLENT!You'll soon start to notice a phenomenon – you'll start to feel younger, followed by a second phenomenon – that you'll look in the mirror and puzzle that you don't LOOK any younger!

    I've hit third time lucky – after two failed marriages I met Celia – and now wonder about life if I'd met her years ago – but! – would have it have worked so well without our previous relationships to learn from?

  7. Well…what lovely news to cheer up a gloomy Friday šŸ™‚ ! Shifts aren't a problem if you make sure that you spend quality time together when you are both in the smae place at the same time. Works for me & my EMT hubby. And it also means there's less chance of having an arguement as you are always so pleased to see each other.

  8. YAY!Knew it! Told you!I read this and actually clapped my hands with glee and excitement (through the tears of disappointment, natch).Hello Laura!

  9. Nah, one of the best bits about being loved-up is being next to each other in bed/on the sofa with some pizza, a wireless laptop each, and a big chunky server in the other room.Or maybe that's just me and my bloke… :s

  10. Hi Tom and Laura,Glad to hear you are happy. makes me feel all warm and squisshy inside.Take care of each other šŸ™‚

  11. That's it, I'm deleting my bloglines subscription to RAOR out of sheer jealousy, and sending the book back to Amazon.Pah.

    (Not reeaaaaally…. congratulations mate, pleased for you! 2006 is turning out to be a bit of a blinder for you isn't it!)

  12. Good to hear that you found someone to love, i hope you and laura a happy future together.hope she a gamer like you. how about a pic of the both of you together,

  13. Being a relatively new reader of RAOR and therefore having just traw….err read with unending interest your archives, is Laura the EMT who you worked with briefly before she injured her ankle?If so, RAOR fans, we do in fact have a picture, admittedly just of said ankle.

  14. Brilliant! Fantastic! Yippee! Always said you were to nice to be on your own!Look after eachother, she is a lucky lady, welcome Laura, hope you will both be very happy for a very long time!

    Slushy hugs to you both, what a great way to end a rubbish week!

  15. Tom,Big happy smiling face for you and Laura, have fun and enjoy (Hello Laura ;0) )

    The shift work doesn't have to be problem if you look at it positively, you certainly never ever get bogged down with the day to day drudgery because you are always “happy” and “excited” to see each other ;0)

    My partner and I have a wonderful relationship, even though sometimes we don't see each other for a couple of weeks. When we do get together we always have loads to talk about and “catch up” with!!! You will always make the most of your time together.

    Very, very happy for you both.

    Big smiles


  16. trying…not…to…feel…jealous….We're not going to lose you are we…you will still write won't you…? *sniff*

    I'm a bit of a devoted reader of your blog, but have never posted a comment before. Am loving your work, just don't forget about us now you've got the girl….!


  17. I am sure there will be an article on the BBC news tonight of this strange sound all over the country today of people going 'ahhhhhhhhhhhhh'Seriously, well happy for you both – hi Laura, please take good care of him for us šŸ™‚

  18. I think you're allowed to be soppy about stuff like this. Actually, on second thoughts, I think it's pretty much mandatory.Anyway, glad you're happy, and hope you both remain so.

  19. Thanks for telling us! You put a smile on my face, too. I couldn't understand how a guy who tries so hard not to kill people could have possibly avoided every female out there. And don't worry about the shift work. You've obviously read Pratchett. So, even though there is no other resemblance between you and Sgt. Colon (obviously!), never forget his secret to a long and happy relationship.Cheers to both you and Laura!

  20. Awwww ….. See, I said you were cute. I'm VERY happy for you both, enjoy!Can we have a story about how you met and got to know each other? Would that be OK with Laura? I'd love to hear about it.


  21. so its not her but has Laura been refered to in the blog previously?Has she commented under a different name?

    Congratulations, I wish the pair of you much happiness and a friendly shift system.

    Please excuse the questions but I am a nosey S.o.B.

  22. I an not surprised to hear your great news Tom as you have been dropping hints!!, I could detect something was developing and so pleased!!!My hubby Rob & I met when we was nurse training (Learning disability) we lived next door in the nurses home, We have been married 26 years!! and still in love!! we like you conquered shift patterns, recently had heart probs, and he has been my backbone these last 3months, so Tom & Laura all the very best 2 u both, just take it slow,


  23. Goody Gum Drops – Hurrah!!!!Enjoy and love, treasure and pleasure each other.

    Maybe there'll be a blog wedding?!


  24. Hi to all you lovely blog readers. I'm Laura! I just wanted to post and say thanks for all the nice comments, I was truly worried that you wouldn't like the idea of Tom/Brian having a girlie so I am thrilled that you don't mind! You guys have made me go all warm and fuzzy! Big hugs to you all x

  25. Wonderful news…don't know how you managed to keep it quiet for so long.Is she the person who got you the Neil Gaiman tickets?

  26. How could we not be thrilled for you both, You have got a great guy there! I expect he has got a great girl too! I am sure we all look forward to getting to know you a bit more……….lots of love and happiness to you both! x

  27. I've had a good day today and this has been the best icing on my cake! I'm so pleased, but now you keep the rest of it private. It was lovely of you to share the news but you are owed privacy and a personal life outside of the blog. Have loads of fun and don't tell us about it!

  28. Nice one! I want to saw ahhhh and yay but the smile on my face for the both of you won't let me form the sounds!!Wonderful news!

    Saying nothing about being worn out though!

  29. Hi Tom & Laura,Interesting: I'm a PTS CO – Cordinator for LAS.I fell accross your blog about a 2 months ago & lovin it.

    Interstingly enough I was have a chat with 2 of Ap's earlier about how many couples you have in the LAS. Also about mater n taxi's etc very entertaining.

    My other half does not work for the LAS however I fall accross a few very nice ones.


    MAy you have many years of happiness in front of you.


  30. It is not always a bad thing that you are apart a lot. My husband and I have been married for 27 years and he has always been away a lot over this time. I find that you have more to talk about when you don't see each other soo often. It keeps the relationship fresh. I hope this works out for you as well.

  31. So happy for you both! It made me smile on what is looking to be a VERY long night shift.Infact due to lack of sleep and extreme sloppiness I'm welling up….

    Congrats Tom

  32. šŸ˜€ &nbsp&nbsp I couldn't be tickled pinker – especially now that I can publicly acknowledge the news! &nbsp&nbsp BT is a wonderful guy and, despite his also being a pain in the arse, I love him dearly and want only the best for him.Welcome, Laura; may you continue to make each other happy for a long time to come!

  33. That's very nice news. I'm just going to read the archives so that I can date exactly when this happened by a sudden upswing in mood.

  34. How lovely!We suffer with you when you write about a sad shift, and we all smile with you when you have something nice to write about.


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