Computer games – the thing that prevents me from going mad.  Is there any better way than to unwind than hopping online and shooting some poor fool in the face?  Unfortunately, in the last month I’ve hardly had time to touch any of them.  Perhaps this explains the tension in my shoulders…

World of Warcraft – I think I’ve mentioned my love for this a reasonable amount since it’s been released.  I’m sure most of you know about it already.  I belong to a really friendly guild who, I’m ashamed to say, I’ve been neglecting of late. 

Chromehounds – A ‘Mech combat’ game for the Xbox 360.  I love the stalking around firing rockets at giant robots.  I completed the single player campaign in a couple of days and was looking forward to the online section.  Unfortunately it’s proving near impossible to find a squad and pick-up games are often tricky to get into with hosts disbanding games should they start to turn against them.

Oblivion – A beautiful game spolit somewhat by the way creatures level up at the same rate as yourself.  A bad design decision in my opinion.  Still I believe that it is correctable by modifying the game, something that the games creators encourage.

City of Heroes/City of Villains – I still get a kick out of flying around a city in a cape.  So sue me.  I also like playing healers in this, not that I come home from work only to do it all over again.  With City of Villains I can be evil(ish).


Second Life – I love the potential of this, hampered as it is by crappy graphics, a machine specification that is ridiculously high and a preponderance of ‘sex clubs’ and ‘Lesbian clubs’ and ‘animated penis wearables’ and ‘S&M clubs’ and other things that will make my google referral logs interested once this post goes live.  If only I could run a local server rather than have to connect to the main ‘Grid’, then I could have more control of my environment and wouldn’t have to worry about someone erecting a ‘Lesbian Sex Animation’ shop next to my reflective shrine.  I *do* love the building aspect though, and the scripting.  But the social tools need taking out back and shooting.  Still good enough for me to play around with, but not the ‘future’ that many bloggers believe it to be.

Finally there is Warhammer Online which I am waiting for with bated breath. Actually I'm looking for someone with a Beta key who has been injured so that I can refuse to treat them until they hand it over…

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  1. My current obsession is Lego Star Wars 2. It shouldn't work. It's possibly the best Star Wars themed game ever made. And, despite having an age 3+ rating, there are stormtroopers in Speedos. Lounging around in hot tubs on the Death Star. I really, really recommend this game to everyone, no matter what gaming system you have. Though it is made better if you have and have completed the first game. As then you get access to a total of 116 minifigs for playing.

  2. for me it's the Sims 2 offline, and Kingdom Of Loathing online, where my boyfriend and I have a little clan with our respective best mates from real life. Which is nice, but disturbing when we get together with someone who doesn't play – without noticing it we go off on a tangent about Ascension and Superhuman Cocktailcrafting and Hell Ramen and stat boosts, and then we notice that the non-player is looking extremely confused and we feel very guilty.

  3. Hate to admit to being totally addicted to world of warcraft. I thought the urge to must play it would wear off at level 60 .. but then with the announcement of burning crusade .. I get a flight form at level 68 you wont get me off the pc till I get that .. and I'm only knight – captain at the moment .. cant have than .. and .. and . Sometimes in moments on insanity I wish I'd never bought the game…. but then I get over itas for second life .. went there once, couldnt move through the lag, all looked so messy after playing There for so long, I never went back again.

  4. I love Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – one of the best games I've played. I've played it on PC and PS2 and both were fun – drive-bys were harder on PC, sniper rifle harder on PS2 – the little differences keep it fun.I love the way you can just ride around not HAVING to do stuff. You can even do Paramedic missions!!! Couple with a fab cheesy 80's soundtrack, it's great for unwinding!

  5. Got to admit to being a Warcraft fan too. Highly addictive and definitely deserving of it's “Warcrack” nick name. I blame my 18yr old son for getting me hooked. The countdown is on for the next upgrade which is being released in a month. I eased off playing during the summer a little, but anticipate once the snows of a good oldfashioned Canadian winter fly, I will be back gaming like a madwoman.

  6. Finally, another human interested in Warhammer Online.If you do manage to get a beta key, watch your back… 🙂 In all honesty, you'll probably just have to wait until they start taking pre-orders. They typically start handing out beta keys like candy along with pre-orders.

  7. Are you old enough to remember/have heard of Worlds Chat? I loved it about ten years ago I would guess it was the forerunner to most of these online environments. Inspired by your post I've just checked out second life and therefore have you to thank for my first 'encounter'… one I certainly wouldn't have engaged in IRL… *blush*

  8. … and a third. I used to play the PC game a few years ago and had a lot of fun with it.Haven't done any gaming for ages but that really caught my attention. Might have to give it a go (assuming my machine is up to it, that is…)

  9. I LOVE Lego Star Wars II also! I'm currently having to fight my husband to get on the 360 to play it 🙂 But I'm waiting for the new games to come out – Zelda and the just-announced Banjo-Kazooie game from Rare.I love the Sims as well but haven't had a chance to play since my daughter was born – maybe in a couple of months… 🙂

  10. I was trying to place “Worlds Chat” in my memory, and suddenly remembered Cybertown. It doesn't appear to have changed a bit since I first/last messed with it… back in 97.Was Worlds Chat always 3D? It didn't happen to be 2D-flat avatar based, did it?

  11. I'm right there with you on WoW, Oblivion, and Warhammer Online. I haven't played as much WoW as I used to before Oblivion came out.Now, when I'm really having a bad day, I break out Halo and pick a level where I can take the Warthog out and run over the bad guys.

    As for the husband, he's finished virtually every quest in Oblivion and is waiting for new stuff to show up on the 360 for him to download. I think his last save was over 235 hours… Anyway, he has been waiting eagerly for Warhammer Online to come out. I think he cried when he heard it had been cancelled … and then cried again when he found out someone else bought it and it was uncancelled. Poor bastard 😉

  12. Atleast with Warhammer online I won't end up with painful dents in my feet from standing on small, semi painted goblin armies in the dark..

  13. Hey Tom and other ramdom Bloggers, Im a Rookie dude. Ok brief back ground, 18 SJA and lovin it (god knows why). im Online gamer as well. Hope to get to know yall later. Jamie.

  14. Wait, is anyone here into any of the FPS games Like BF2, COD and stuff like that, now thats good fun. Of course my faveraite kit on BF2 is Medic. Thats where i get my nick name from. Muhahaha. If anyone else is into an FPS Online gaming then pelase contact me….

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