For this week I shall, besides posting about ambulance stuff, post one thing each day that is interesting me right now.

Today is the podcasts that I really like.

Tying in to my new-found love for my Apple Macbook I've become a big fan of British Mac, a podcast by Will Green. It's like being invited into Will's home where you sit down, have a nice little chat and an hour later you come away all chilled out and a bit wiser about Mac stuff.

He has a real friendly style and the slightly rough edges only improve the character of this podcast.

Ewan is a mate of mine and is one of the people who has made the leap from Podcasting to radio. He is also possibly the hardest working man in the podcasting world. My favourite podcast of his is the Friday Rock Show. It's a very professional podcast and he plays some superb music. It's also a great advertisement for his personality.

These aren't the only podcasts that I listen to, but they are the ones that make me grin when they drop into my iPod.

6 thoughts on “TTIM #1”

  1. TTIM – Thanks Tom – I Mac (too!)!Ah bliss – a life more or less free from system crashes and anti-virus updates – a computing system designed for its ease of use and superior functionality……*cue hoardes of hatemail from PC-users*

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