Neil Gaiman

Joy of joys! A friend of mine has secured tickets for the Neil Gaiman reading and Q&A in London tomorrow. So after work I shall be in excellent company listening to him talk. Mr Gaiman is one of those writers I really respect and it will be the first time I'll have seen him in the flesh.

I may ask him about the 'Stunt Lime'.

3 thoughts on “Neil Gaiman”

  1. When he was in Salt Lake, several friends of mine stood in a very long line several hours to have him sign their books. After four hours they reached him and, he was engaged, polite, and inventive. Writing on a copy of Good Omens – “Mind the Gap.” With a little drawing of a gap. Not asked to, that was his idea.I'm not a fan of his writing, but his professionalism impressed me.

  2. I last saw Neil Gaiman earlier this year being interviewed by Lenny Henry, to publicise “Anansi Boys”. I and my b/f have tickets for the reading tomorrow too – we're very much looking forward to it. 🙂

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