Unknown Aggro

Ah, the pure pleasure of being in the middle of a domestic dispute, oh how I love the shouting, the swearing and the pulling of hair.

We were called to a patient with a long term illness, his daughter arrived at the same time as the ambulance and was crying before the front door was opened. Our FRU driver was already there talking to the patient and his partner (a surprisingly young looking woman).

Barely had we set foot in the flat than the arguing started, it appeared that the daughter had some 'issues' with the patient's partner, so they started shouting at each other over the (rather ill) patient.

They were shouting at each other so much that the patients concern that he was about to be incontinent of faeces couldn't be addressed in time. Heaven knows we tried to get him to the toilet, but with both women screaming at each other it was perhaps inevitable that he would poo on the carpet.

Enough was enough, so I locked one of the women out of the house so we could actually find out what was wrong with the patient. The problem was pretty simple and not worth the aggravation that we were getting from these warring relatives.

Then there was a fight between the two women with items of clothing getting torn. I managed to calm things down a little by threatening to call the police. We were all getting exasperated by now and just wanted the patient on the back of the ambulance and safely on the way to hospital.

Thankfully the son of the patient arrived and managed to calm his sister down somewhat, we were then able to 'load and go' to the nearest hospital.

I don't know what the argument was about, and to be honest I didn't care. All I wanted was to look after the patient and go on to my next job. In the end neither of the women were any help to the patient (or to us). It's in situations like this that you have to bit your tongue and yet remain forceful enough to stop people beating each other up.

I don't know how the police do it day after day…

I'd want to pepper spray everyone.

Someone left a message on my phone, I think it was a social worker – if it was you then I couldn't understand what you were saying. You can find my email address in the 'Contact Me' link in the top right of this page.

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  1. had some similar situations on the lifeboat. not with crew arguing 😉 but when people who are drunk decide to walk along the beach the arguing soon turns into “Look if you dont shut up im going to walk into the sea” etc silly realy. also when i done my 3rd man we had a call to a group of lads, one of them had a chunk bitten off his ear, all due to an unprovoked idiot on the train(they were coming back from a night out) so somthing tells me that they were probably involved along the way.ive had to buy 2 copies of your book, as i had the first one sent to the wrong address, hope the person who recieved it enjoys your scripture.also the offer of a go on a lifeboat still stands.regardsnathan

  2. I saddens me to think that the women were so unconcerned about the health of the patient and more concerned with settling scores.

  3. it wouldn't surprise me if it was a row about who loved him more… which, given the guy's state and who was offering him care, would be Tom and his colleague!

  4. If I knew for definate that the women would have to clean it up, I would have trod the poo into the carpet deliberately (*cough*) to hopefully give them pause for thought.Maybe next time, the full implications of their selfish behaviour would be at the forefront of their minds,instead of petty point scoring.

  5. Oh how I love weekend nights…99% of the jobs are just as described above.I really can't understand relatives who argue (often about who has to gain the most) over the heads of poorly patients and then try to involve me and my crewmate in it…please don't! I'm not here to take sides, but to treat the patients.

    Hope you had a few nice days off Tom/Brian 🙂


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