It’d Be Nice To Have A Day Off

Busy, busy, busy.

Midweek was fun, the presenter was lovely, Sargy Mann is a real gent, Rupert Everett is lovely and Sissel has some really interesting ideas. Everyone was really nice to me who, lets face it, is a jumped up taxi driver who basically lucked out.

After Midweek I got home and was immediately phoned to do an interview on BBC World service on the basis of the Midweek interview. So back into a car which was driven by a driver who didn't seem to know the route.

The World Service interview will be on Outlook on Friday (at varying times in varying time zones – link to follow). Tomorrow I'm having my photo taken again for Weekly News.

I managed to get home around half past six and was busy for reasons that I shall divulge next Friday…

Back to work tomorrow, blogging will be up after 7pm I'm afraid unless I get a chance to scribble something during work.

14 thoughts on “It’d Be Nice To Have A Day Off”

  1. It was a good performance, sir. And it has introduced me to your blog. (I listened to the rerun just now). I'll add a link from my own: I love it. Brilliant work.I might not have necessarily have credited the bright spark with the title. Rather apologised later. ;o)

  2. Hi TomRupert Everett was on “This Morning” yesterday – a great laugh, especially when he started telling one of his risque stories, said “fuck”, realised he shouldn't have, thought about an alternative, couldn't find one that conveyed the essence of the story – so gave up. By this time Phil and Fern were in hysterics and he segued easily into another story about Sir Ian mcKellen. What a great blog his stories would make!

  3. For those who can't listen again (or want to keep it forever!) I've MP3ed it… but I've got nowhere to post it! What shall I do with it now?

  4. I first came across this site a good while ago, it seems everything is going on the up (at least outside your work). I immediately decided to buy your book and now I'm reading it every morning and evening on my commute in The Hague, occasionally in hysterics. I really do recommend the book for a strange mixture of light reading and deep thoughts and much easier to read than trawl through the archives.Unfortunately, some nosey passengers would look at what I'm laughing about and because your book is such a contrast, they seem to think I'm laughing at dead people in the book and not the funny parts. Oh well, at least it clears some room around me as people edge away from me allowing me to breathe deeper on these crowded trams.

  5. ..Hope you get time to pause for breath occasionally! Actually managed to read the book (after it was “stolen” by my son, then passed around to the rest of the world that was dying to read it …I'm sure ther bought their own copy .. eventually ;o) )

    .. Fantastic couldnt put it down till it was done, even though I had read most of the stories when they were posted.

    But I'm a die-hard fan, the fact that my son, who has never read the blog, loved it too, as did everyone else who nabbed it, is just more evidence that you are a good deal more than a ” jumped up taxi driver who basically lucked out”

  6. What a great interview, you are getting really good at them!Yippee! A presenter that had read the book!

    You are a star Mr.Reynolds sir!

  7. Heard the programme courtesy of listen again. How do you cope with fitting all the media stuff in and working? Btw – what's the accent cos I can't place it.

  8. According to Digiguide, “Outlook” is on at 0305, 1005 and 1405 on Friday 22nd, and lasts for 55 minutes. For people without shortwave radio, that's also on Freeview channel 710 (and presumably on Sky too, but I wouldn't know…)

  9. well, at least you're not blogging up “dear diary, got bored, had chips for tea, watched telly for a bit and went to bed”

  10. How do I cope? Well as a shift worker I'm very used to a lack of sleep and running on highly caffinated drinks.The accent? It's East London/Estuary English/Cockney but I'm trying to enunciate my words so that people can understand me. That may be why it sounds a litle strange.

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