20 thoughts on “Email”

  1. Hi Tom,Thanks for the mail, still giggling uncontrollably (on occasion!!) (It's a girl thang!!!)

    Keep up the good work, missed the radio 4 gig today any chance of a link on here??

    onwards and upwards….

    Snowdrop x

  2. I'd hardly call that being a slacker – al those posts, emails written and other daily stuf completed (no doubt). You need time off to relax.

  3. You said “shat” live on Radio 4!!!! I've listened to Radio 4 since I was 7 and hardly ever hear swearing! Legend! Also love the cough before you started..I can't believe nasty Libby Pervis made you read it all by yourself.DON'T GET ME STARTED ON CASULTY!

  4. Hello, I just heard about you on radio 4. Really enjoyed the interview. Good luck with everything.PS. Binge drinking annoys me too, people don't think of the long term damage it does. If you want to read my blog (which I've just started) goto meridimus.com- Max

  5. You never write, you never call…yep, yer a complete and total slacker. Please remind me again why I even bother. &nbsp&nbsp πŸ˜›

  6. Ah, but see, I've never claimed to be such, whereas BT claims to be a gentleman whenever he wants to get out of something!

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