Tomorrow I shall be a guest on the Radio 4 show 'Midweek', this is broadcast at 9am and repeated at 9:30pm. Also appearing will be the actor Rupert Everett, Sissel Tolaas an artist who works with smell, and the blind painter Sargy Mann.

My PR and organisational genius Rachael is really happy about me being invited to the show.

Oh, and it looks like she was right, women's magazines only want books which are written by pretty young female authors – and I have none of those qualities. Oh well, their loss.

Right now I am waiting for my hair to dry so I can get it cut, then I shall be answering all the emails that are sitting in my inbox (being one of the few bloggy people who hasn't read 'Getting Things Done' I am a terrible person for answering my emails). Then later today I shall post an ambulance story.

I'm sure there is something I've forgotten…

12 thoughts on “Midweek”

  1. If it is 'talk like a pirate day', can we upgrade it to 'act like a pirate day' and make all the hoax callers walk the plank?

  2. I'm a pretty, young (ish) female. Do you want me to write in to various magazines recommending that they review your book and request an interview with you? Let's exert some influence as Reynolds' fans.

  3. forgot your mum gone on other holiday, and you need to tape a thouand programmes.or forgot to write a letter to your mp asking for hoxe call to be made a hanging offecnce.

  4. You (still) forgot to answer my questions :-PI might email them to you now that I know you're going to work your way through them.

  5. That sounds like an interesting group of people – including yourself! I saw a great documentary on Sargy Mann earlier this year which was filmed and directed by his son. He is a really interesting man.

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