On Losing Your Sense Of Humour

My last patient has put two related thoughts into my brain (and so I write this in order to expose my brains to you).Number one – After seven shifts on the run (and the prospect of another seven in two days time), an EMT's patience can wear a little thin. So when you deal with a hoax call followed by a 'frequent flyer' and said patient is especially smelly, whiny and annoying your acting skills are put to the test..
…That and your ability to ignore the pounding headache developing in your left temple.
Number two – When you are driving the aformentioned smelly patient to hospital and you brake, there is an almost visible cloud of smell that rolls forward and encompasses you. In this case it was a mixture of stale urine and body odour. This will not help your headache or reduce your wish to punch said patient in the throat.
I think I need to do some serious relaxation on these days off – shame I have to sort out the MOT/insurance and road tax for my car, as well as all those other jobs that needed doing a week ago.
(I don't know why I'm bothering with the car, very few people in Newham seem to worry about such things as driving licenses and insurance…)
Sent from a mobile phone, probably from the cab of an ambulance.

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  1. Aww, bless! You really do need a good woman to look after you!Sort the car out and bugger the rest of it, spend the next day and a half catching up on some zzzzzzzzzzzzs!

  2. Long ago I worked in public libraries. People lurk there with their odors, often. Only when they are especially noxious do they get a name. Our aromatic patron was called Mr. Chemistry. I was paid minimum wage, and had to shelve books within his realm.Sympathies. Take care.

  3. I guess it's against the rules to use a strong perfume spray on smelly patients.My sympathies to your nostrils & I hope the headache has gone.

  4. (You're not helping, bbx.)When you figure out how to keep a sense of humor under those circumstances, be sure to share. I could use a few tips, even under vastly less trying circumstances. Doofuses who drive in my blind spot, for instance, and prevent me from getting to the exit lane. Big stuff like that.

  5. Well it's a relief that now you've decided to expose yourself that it's only the currently throbbing squishy bit you've decided to expose…Phew, could have been messy.

    Sleep well it's going to be a lovely day tomorrow.

  6. Re: your stinky passenger – for reaons I can't explain, I particulary feel your pain this week.Someone should invent small charcoal nasal pellets to filter out bad smells but in a more subtle way than ye olde clothes peg. That, or an ultra subtle whole body febreze or something.

    Relaxation is very important. I'm told sleep helps. Can't particularly vouch for it, not having had much lately, but it's gotta be worth a try.

  7. Yikes, sounds like you're surrounded by twits ;)I wonder why the UK hasn't implemented a system much like the one we had in Ontario with regards to ambulance calls. We had the same issue with people calling for ambulances when they just needed to get their rear ends into their cars and to their GP (or our “urgent care” clinics).

    A system was put in place where if you called an ambulance for anything BUT an actual emergency (maternataxis were on the NO list) you were to pay for the transport out of pocket. Patient transfers, wellness checks for Nan Down calls, those were perfectly allowable. Idiots who called for maternataxis, tummy aches and colds were on the “no” list.

    It cut down the number of stupid calls dramatically, freeing up emergency services to do what they were meant to do.

    Anyway. Off the soapbox I get… 😉


  8. On a practical note you can get your road tax online now – works a treat and saves you queuing with all the bewildered peeps tring to work out how many stamps to put on their letters. Great blog by the way.

  9. Re the smellies – keep a jar of Vic in the cab and put a dab under your nose when you get a fragrant one. Really masks the smell and if anyone objects you can plead sinus trouble.

  10. Ew. Squishy brains.*pokes*As far as the fragrance goes, where I used to work we had some particularly malodorous clients, sometimes they would have gangrene even which they would insist on showing us (but when we said “why not go and show your doctor?” they were amazed, appalled, and sometimes even offended at the suggestion).Anyway, we had a little pot of this stuff called Tiger Balm, kind of similar to Vicks but a much smaller pot, you didn't need as much and it didn't make my eyes water. And you swabbed a smidgen around your nose, and lo, you couldn't smell for the next half-hour or so.There were days when I could have built a holy shrine to the makers of that stuff. Seriously. Highly recommend it.

  11. Hmmm…. After running around like the proverbial blue arsed fly (probably in a big way as I fully epect my car to fail the MOT) I may well sit down for some writing and World of Warcraft.Still, maybe I'll be able to relax on Wednesday for a bit.

  12. To be honest, bad smells don't really bother me – I get called to 'funny smell in flat' by social workers and the like only to find a decomposed body. Not a problem really.And please don't poke my brain – it makes my toes tingle.

  13. You know those face masks people wear in surgery? Why not have one on standby, pre-soaked in olbas oil. It'll stop the unwelcome odour of “frequent flyers” as well as assist when you're feeling bunged up in the winter! I used to have a 'face mask' for cycling in London – in winter I'd put some Olbas Oil drops on it – worked a treat! Received your book this weekend by the way…..really looking forward to getting stuck into it. Take care.

  14. *note to self – refresh page to check for Reynolds comments before making suggestions especially about bad smells not bothering him….* :/

  15. I use Tiger Balm for nasty smells too, the problem with masks/air fresheners is that they're just one step away from shouting at your patient “My God! You stink like a septic tank!”Which, considering how *cough* 'stable' some of them are, might not be the best course of action.

  16. Re Tiger Balm. You can get this from the shop at C.A.T. That's the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth, Mid Wales. They have a web-site blah blah, so Google will drag them up. Not on Tiger Balm, but also Dragon Balm, to put on aches and pains etc…

  17. Surgical masks alone do not help with smells. Says the surgical nurse. Although a dab of peppermint oil on it will help, it will also make you hate the smell of peppermint.

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