And The Last Job Of Thursday Night…

…Is a man who has been accidentally stabbed in the arm by his wife. She has run from the house, the police are in attendance and there is a distinct smell of 'herbal' cigarettes in the air.A pleasant patient and an easy last job.
Nighty night.
Sent from a mobile phone, probably from the cab of an ambulance.

6 thoughts on “And The Last Job Of Thursday Night…”

  1. My last job of the night?Maternataxi to the delivery suite. Made me 1.5hrs late off. The most annoying thing was the mum to be getting out of a car sat on her driveway to get in the ambulance. They had been to the local MIU to be told “delivery suite is only open from 9am to 5pm”. They then sat in the car, on the drive till 06:15 before calling us.

    She'd been having contractions since 2AM.

    Why oh why didn't she just get driven down to the delivery suite at 2AM when the contractions started?

  2. Don't people do some bizarre things when they're off their nut? I particularly liked the description of the vicious guard dog “Large, brown, angry and with a lot of teeth”. At least that will narrow it down and remove the large, brown angry dogs with only 3 teeth from the frame.

  3. Just picked up the latest copy of LAS news to see your glorious face staring back at me! You've truely made it big now, for sure. Feel proud.

  4. I've jnust seen you quoted on 'citizen journalism' on the back page of Writers' News (Oct 2006 vol 17 No 10).Thought you would be happy to know 🙂

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