Thursday Night #2

A word of warning to everyone in my patch. There appears to be a guard dog on the loose in the Forest Gate to Ilford Area. It has already bitten one man (our patient) on the hand and under his arm. It is described by our patient as 'large, brown' angry and with a lot of teeth'.We've informed the police and I suspect that they will be calling out the dog support squad to help catch it. The problem is that in this area there are a lot of small children who play in the streets. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we won't get another call to the area, this time with a savaged child.
Sent from a mobile phone, probably from the cab of an ambulance.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Night #2”

  1. BTDT, only I was a member of an Army ambulance crew, flagged down by some civilians and had the unpleasant duty of shooting the dog in self defense….This didn't happen in the UK….


  2. When I worked as a temp for British Gas there was a story that in the notes section to their meter readers for one property there was simply the warning 'BIG DOG'. Apparently this was later updated to 'Dog Dead'. I always imagined the meter readers in that area breathing a sigh of relief. (Or maybe they clubbed together with the postmen, milkmen etc to hire an assassin…)

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