Dog (Or, Why I Like Animals More Than Most People)

Only a short post today as I'm off filming for the Alan Yentob series 'Imagine'.

I'm racing down the road on lights and sirens, there is a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing so I have to slow down to avoid running over the people who think that it is a good idea to run across the road in front of me.

Sitting, quite calmly, on the side of the road is a Guide dog for the blind. Amidst all these people running across the crossing, trusting that I'll try to miss them should they fall over in the middle of the road, the dog sits quietly and doesn't make a move.

The dog has more sense than the people of Newham.

19 thoughts on “Dog (Or, Why I Like Animals More Than Most People)”

  1. Filming! Great! Of course, you'll be able to link to the item online for us ex-pats…….right?……….right? :SGotta love the Internet – things like the link to the Sky interview are invaluable to people like me – which reminds me – I bought your book online today – I am so looking forward to receiving it!

  2. You are so right. Overheard blind lady talking about guide dogs, when they retire they go to another home and the blind person has to have a new dog and are not advised to go to see the retired dog for a few months. I think that is so sad! I can see why it has to be but how those poor people ( and their dogs ) can bear it I don't know.My husband and I are always saying animals are better than people and he often says he wishes he had been a vet instead of a Dr!

    Took a get well card to a puppy today- he got kicked by a donkey yesterday. The donkey always plays with my dog, think he probably wanted to play with the puppy but got tangled up. You'll be pleased to hear the puppy is fine.

  3. Alan Yentob!Do make sure you don't lose your “man of the people” image, won't you?

    Seriously, good luck – I hope he finds your honesty and directness a refeshing change from many of the posers he appears to favour.

  4. Sadly not all animals are as sensible as guide dogs. One of the 'joys' or working in the country is that all sorts of 'beasties' like to play 'chicken' with ambulances: deer, cats, rabbits, hedgehogs and ducks all seem to like testing our reactions times.Good luck with the filming, I hope you'll be telling us more.

  5. and the dog was thinking there goes Tom Reynolds, he complain about people jumping out on him. if only my owner knew i was computer savy.Oi dorris, it safe to cross now

  6. Dogs often DO have more sense than human beings.I have trained and worked with several guide and service dogs. It amazes me how they pick up traffic-flow cues and make decisions about safety. What amazes me more is that it's hard to get a 5 year old or a some rich CEO (with, supposedly, far better reasoning skills than a Golden Retriever) to do the same thing. We can train service dogs to do laundry, to open doors, to pick up pennies from the floor… we can teach them to guide a blind person, safely, through a busy city. We teach them to be mindful of emergency vehicles (both by the sound they make and the lights) because they are unpredictable, in doggy terms. It's the one thing that “trumps” a green light or a walk signal. Most of our trainees pick this up quickly! Too bad humankind is too dense to get it, sometimes.

    Good for the pooch, I say. He's probably sitting there thinking: “And this is why, silly humans, there will come a day when we will rule over your kind…”

    😉 Elly (and her service dog, Pirate. Yarr.)

  7. maybe it's because humans overcomplicate their thinking. I'm going to start communicating with barks. (It'll confuse the cats, if nothing else)

  8. A friend of mine used to walk guide dog puppies and look after them…how those little balls of bounding fur with over active tongues can become such dependable friends to their owners is amazing!On a slightly different note…does anyone have more problems with small yappy dogs having a go at them than the bigger ones or is it just me?!

  9. No, it's not just you; I've found that smaller dogs lack the brains to do anything more than yap at everyone bigger than they are.

  10. What more can be said about the people of Newham….Once you get on the 69 bus it's like entering a war zone.(I have lived there-and survived!)

  11. Having been raised in Newham, I can well understand why anybody would consider dogs more sensible than the populace!Seriously, it's all in the training. We humans think we're above training and therefore get ourselves (and others) into dangerous situations that a trained dog wouldn't.

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