Because I've been 'in school' this week it has felt like I've got a normal 9-5 job. Consequently I've had what some people would call a 'social life'. With the exception of Wednesday I've gone out and met with some lovely ladies. It's been nice having a chance to meet other people (something that is normally quite tricky with shift work). But it's all over now – I have nowhere to go tonight and during the weekend, which is a bit of a shame as I've really enjoyed this whole social thing. Although it will give me time to answer some of the questions that people have asked in the last post.

I'm back to normal shift-work on Monday, which I'm looking forward to but, it has been nice to experience what is normal for so many other workers. It's good to have a bit of company even if it is for only a short while.

So, I'm going to start planning some Blogmeets where bloggers and readers can meet up for a friendly drink. Once I sort out a few details I'll put something up here, but consider this an open call for suggestions.

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  1. LOL! shiftwork, you know as well as I do, you would hate it. Its what 'normal' ppl do!. blogmeet, great idea, but Im in bloody Sheffield 🙁 ie: almost a good 4 hrs from London, but HEY! great nightlife up here, have a night out with the wild lot from our station, sure we could find you a V.O.R bus to sleep on in the garage LOL. Oh yeh!, could sign my copy of Da book too (if only I knew its current whereabouts at work)xx bluelightbabexx (cos still cant sign in 🙁 )

  2. Trust me on this, there is something soul destroying about 9 – 5 work. I swear a little piece of me dies every time I clock in and out or work.

  3. I work part time in an area very close to the hospital (Newham I believe?) you are 'based'. How about the Greengate pub?? lol Yes, I AM kidding.

  4. Love the blog. Request to your readers please: We're trying to make a list of the sickest possible songs for a Hospital Radio show (been watching Peter Kay again) and would welcome any suggestions. I promise this is never goig to be used for a real hospital radio show, honest, and I thought this would be a good place to start. By the way, I'm a Special Constable with Bedfordshire Police so I know about dealing with weirdo's and nutters (and the public!!) and I know what a black sense of humour anyone who works in Emergency services has so I know people will have some original and very strange suggestions.

  5. I hate standing on snails but haven't found a way to stop them congregating in my garden. The only way I know is chemical stuff that shrivels them & that causes trauma overload! Please someone advise an environmentally friendly way?Ange. x

  6. Hey Tom,By the looks of this you are now going to have to consider taking the social thing on the road and do a nationwide tour. What fun that would be, a different “get-together” in different locations all round the country.

    Or what about organising a weekender type of thing somewhere like Butlins???? Then we could all try and get the same weekend off, I can see the headlines now……Ambulance services across the country grind to a halt as all personnel are partying at Billy Butlins!!!

    What larks eh?


  7. Dear regular commenters/readers of this blog…Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that at least one of Tom's dates this week was a success?

    Since I've been reading this he's been posting most days. This week though I get the distinct impression he's channelling those energies elsewhere… or should we all be out looking for him rattling a tea tin and calling his name?

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