Here is the clip of me on Sky News.

The reason behind me looking so laid back is that this particular body posture helps me to relax.  All my stress is in my neck and shoulders, so if I sit forward like most people on the telly then I would tend to freeze up.

Not bad for someone with less than four minutes TV experience.

Due to the timespan of getting me on there, it was kind of obvious that no-one had really read the book, which explains the vague questions that were asked of me.

I’m impressed by the presenter, he not only presents but makes production decisions when the video is running and checks his emails.

(He gets the same spam as myself).

And yes…I was wearing makeup.

With the exception of Midweek on Radio Four on the 20th of September, I think that’s the end of the publicity machine.  It’s been a bloody good laugh.

From tomorrow I’m on a training course, sitting in a classroom for a couple of hours is Hell for myself.

But other things are making me happy.

33 thoughts on “Sky”

  1. It was a real nice way to call a rescuer.In Italy people and sometimes also doctors in the Hospitals use to call us “Ambulancers” or even “Stretcher-pullers”.

  2. *closes ears* la la la la la *opens ears*NO! your name is TOM! Who is brian! 🙁 im confused!

    Its sooo wierd seing you, i dont know why, but i didnt see you as much of a londoner, but then im from nowhere near the capital!!

  3. I will now recognise your voice if I hear you on the radio. I've been working on your sector lately and keep wondering if I'm talking to you!

  4. i tried to find an email link (no, not for spam) but no luck…so i comment here.found your site through peter canning's blog – having lived in london for several years, i do find it interesting to hear the ems side of things there (as i hadn't done it when i lived there, but do now).anyway, we were under the impression that because you work for the nhs if you see the sort of person who calls you for a veruca, you can basically tell them to get stuffed (in the nicest way of course), whereas our legal system prevents us from doing such, and i have to take people to the hospital even if they call because they have a blister on their foot (and yes, i have done this). is this true?i'd also like to find out more about your rapid response car as it sounds to me as if you don't have any meds with you…but perhaps i have got it wrong. i'd just like to ask more about it since we don't have such a thing in the system i work in.i'd be interested in having a bigger discussion about this – you should be able to find my email address via my profile.nice site. i can definitely relate.

  5. That's it. No use writing under an assumed name now Brian.Just think back three years ago and ask yourself how you would have reacted had someone told you that you would be on TV, radio, had a book published and be a virtual household name.The only upward motion now is for you to get a call from Ridley Scott for a major featurw film.But who would you chose to be the main character? And who would you have in supporting roles?

  6. Hi Tom Brian!VERY professional and you look SO relaxed.

    Great to be able to put a face to the blog and to the emailed replies you are kind enough to send.


    Dave Rogers

  7. That was really impressive. Don't suppose you've ever thought of a job in the ambulance service's press department? You really are a natural at getting things across on the blog, on the page, on the radio and now the telly…

  8. I didn't know what to call you before! Was it Tom? Reynolds? Mr Reynolds? Now there's your real name to add to the mix as well! Can I call you Tom please? Since thats who you started off as (on here anyway)Well done on the interview! It was great! You did manage to look very relaxed (was that even a crossed leg I could see behind the desk?) anyone would think you had done loads of these things. Now as I read through the blog and your book (nearly finished) I'll have a little narrative of your voice going on as well haha.

    Didn't like the bloke interviewing you much though…could've taken the time to read a little bit of your writings or even remembered what name you write under. Something, anything would have been nice. Maybe thats just me though.

  9. I noticed that too – and then watched to see if the thought of punching him flickered across your mind. Well done for keeping your cool TomBrian (new name)

  10. well its nice to see you and hear you at the same time, i wonder why sky keeped putting your name up. on well the brian is out and about, but i will allways know you as tom.Hope you dont go too mad due to the update course

  11. Nice shirt…(sorry, couldn't help myself 😉 ) [/shallow]

    You come across really well – I'd have been a nervous wreck.

    I was a little distracted by the people running around behind you though. Not terribly sneaky sneaking 🙂

  12. Congrats…great interview even if he did call you an ambulance driver!My copy of Blood, Sweat and Tea has been loaned out for the 3rd successive week…god knows when i will get it back! You are a complete hit in work, and rapidly becoming a demi-god!

    Oh well Tom, Brian…whatever people want to call you thanks for raising the profile of what can sometimes be a very thankless and under appreciated job!

  13. that was a very accomplished interview :-)You look relaxed and composed, answered the questions and gave examples to illustrate them.

    I would have been a nervous wreck. Well done.

  14. Well done Tom aka Brian!!!!Not having a tv – was glad to see you put the interview on Random Acts.

    The book is brilliant – am proud to have my very own copy.


  15. Thanks for putting up the vid. No chance I'd see it here in Australia.Are you sick of doing all the publicity? Looks like you're taking to it like a duck to water!

  16. Short answers as I have a lot of comments to answer.Yes our FRU cars carry the same meds as our ambulances – they carry pretty much the same kit apart from a stretcher.

    The patient's charter pretty much garuntees an ambulance will take you to hospital if that is what you want.

    My email is reached from the 'how to contact me' link in the sidebar.

  17. I just don't know. Me obviously if I could get some decent acting fees…Jack Dee?

    And I'll keep Tom Reynolds if you don't mind – he's more fun than Brian.

  18. Even people who've known about 'Brian' for years still call me Tom. So work away, it doesn't bother me.(And Tom is my real middle name, so it's not completely wrong)

  19. Well, I'm getting 75 for going on there, so had to tell them about my real name for the cheque. Then I suppose the researcher got confused.But they spelt my last name wrong (like most people), it has two 'T's.

  20. Fantastic interview. You're a natural, more than can be said for the interviewer. Trust that book will fly off the shelves. Keep up the good work.

  21. Oh, you're just a dreamy SOB, aren't you? Yes, you always look great in shades of red, but I prefer your hair ungunked, just FTR. I know my feelings on the subject matter so much. :-PVery nicely done, BT – very proud of you!

  22. So that's you! Heard you on the radio first and couldn't picture you in my mind's eye so it was interesting to see you and may I say, you have a lovely smile!Couldn't get my volume control up very loud so didn't get all the pearls of wisdom but I HAVE read the book , so there!

  23. So that's you! Heard you on the radio first and couldn't picture you in my mind's eye so it was interesting to see you and may I say, you have a lovely smile!Couldn't get my volume control up very loud so didn't get all the pearls of wisdom but I HAVE read the book , so there!

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