17 thoughts on “Even More Media Whorage”

  1. Tom!At this rate you're gonna have strungs of people waiting for an autograph or a good word at your Flat! Make sure that you don't give your address out, or you won't get any sleep at all!!



  2. Good for you- don't have sky – will it be on the website at some point. Found your blog thru the Guardian website – very enjoyable reading

  3. I actually didn't think that it was that goo, but not because of anything you did. It seemed evident to me that he hadn't even read the book and all of his questions seemed very unoriginal. Do you get sick of answering the same questions over and over?Anyway, I think that if he had even thumbed through the book (or your blog), he would have had far more material through which he could have strutured a far more interesting interview.

    I know, probably a bit too much to expect, but C'MON! If somebody told me that I had to conduct an interview with you based on your book, I wouldn't be able to put it down!

    Still, you shined and I think that people could see that, despite the interviewer being a putz. 🙂

  4. What I meant was that Tom/Brian did a good interview and answered the questions asked of him, almost got the feeling he was going to crack up in fits of laughter a couple of times!

  5. Oh yeah! I really wish that the presenter would've followed Tom/Brian's lead on that, rather than simply firing away question after question without really listening for a response.Speaking of this whole Tom/Brian thing – do you think that he'll soon to develop a bit of MPD? Tom – The Dashing Media Superstar who has TV presenters eating out of his hand vs Brian – The quiet, shy fella that tends to keep himself to himself? 😉

  6. Or is it more 'superhero' v 'mild mannered reporter' which I think fits this situation quite well… 'scuse me while I swoon.Now you're 'out' though, do you want to be Brian or Tom?

  7. Aw damn, I missed it – not through choice I hasten to add. I got out of bed an' all! Let's hope it does turn up on Sky's website or something.

  8. At this rate, you're going to get so many new readers on your blog that all the money you make on the book will have to be spent on hosting!

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