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  1. For your information, though you probably already know – the following cut and pasted from petite anglaise, who did Richard and Judy when you said no cos of work.Almost forgot to mention this, but BBC Radio Four have a new series called Meet the Bloggers which aired for the first time this morning, featuring one of my favourite bloggers/people Anna.

    Future programmes (airing Tuesdays, 9.30 am and also available on the website) take in blogs as varied as GoFugYourself (looking forward to that one) and Instapundit. Oh and, ahem, petite anglaise is featured next Tuesday, alongside Zoe Twat – on the programme dedicated to personal blogs. It will be very odd to hear a Radio Four actor reading extracts of my posts

    I have a soft spot for this particular interview(er), as I was contacted to participate before I was fired, although the interview did actually take place a few days afterwards, in early May.

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    Hope I haven't inadvertently broken any blogger ethics by doing this, am fairly new to this lark. By the way, you look cute in the Guardian photo.


  2. Ive seen the Guardian article. You come across as a great guy in it. Its from the article that I came to your blog. First Ive heard of it (Im not so up on the world of blogs). But the article certainly whets my appetite to find out more about Random Acts so here I am. Hoorah!

  3. Wow! I've been away from this blog for six months and now I see you in the Guardian!Well done Mate! Good luck with the book!

  4. Well done Tom/Brian, brilliant article full of wit and wisdom, especially liked the 'didn't go into teaching because don't like kids, but like sticking them with needles' I was chuckling….. I have a warped sense of humour… keep it up and keep us entertained….Sage

  5. Did wonder about the sudden relinquishing of anonymity. Book duly bought by the way, but unfortunately not much time to read it yet. That bit about old ladies grabbing at testicles still makes me laugh. And wince…

  6. I blush from all the shortsighted people and their kindness of lying and saying I look cute.I like the way it turned out, I'd say that the writer (Mary) has a pretty good eye.Although I'd never say 'ass', I'm English and say 'arse'.

  7. Not just “in the guardian”, on the front page of the online version those of us away from home read (right up the top in a “must click me” box) well done!I'm collating material for a English language course blog project and your blog & book will make brilliant material. Such refreshing style and content, there's a need for this “real English”, insightful and culturally beneficial to all. .

    Wonderful to hear about the creative common's licence – excellent idea (btw, i will be buying the book, too) but the CC allows for such sharing and community spirit it is indeed revolutionary. It takes people like you, many thanks and congratulations

  8. Nice work ! It must be hard to get back in the Ambulance after such celebrity. Have you found your coworkers/crew/LAS people treat you any differently now that you're famous ? How long before a patient recognizes you – 'Oy, you're that Tom Reynolds geezer' can I have your autograph ?

  9. Yeah…… I discovered that when donating to the bandwidth fund (innoccuous link in the bar on the right, now down a bit, he'll never point anyone at it himself despite the outages) and I don't think I've ever truly got over it.

    He'll always be Tom Reynolds to me. And “that ambulance internet bloke you go on about” to my mum.

  10. Tom,Oh my, you've been outed!!!!

    Just read your C.V. at the bottom of the article. So you were at Chase Farm eh? Now I realise that's where I've seen/met you before. Used to take the occasional patient there during my time in that area 1997-2001

  11. I was rather traumatised reading that too. You are far more a “Tom” than a “Brian”.That's a great article in the Guardian, makes me want to bring you a big bag of tea bags and biscuits!

  12. You will need to get used to it as you are and a lot of people will fall for you, especially with your wit too!Great article and the book is great, passed mine on to my mum to read…….any chance of getting it signed???

  13. I saw the story in the Guardian before I read your post. How cool! It was a nice surprise for me since I have you on my blogroll. Enjoy being “famous.” 🙂

  14. Me too when he treated me when he was an A and E nurse, he really is a lovely chap you know………want some company with the head banging bit????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. FYI – am hypermetropic – that's long-sighted to the rest of us, and often get into grief for saying exactly what I think. Fortunately, or otherwise depending on your point of view, live about a thousand miles away from the Smoke, so you don't need to start stammering or hiding.

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