Media Whore (Again)

Lets see…


08:05 Picked up by cab from my house (probably in a state of unconsciousness).

10:00 Live interview with BBC Radio Derbyshire.

10:30 Live interview with BBC Radio Jersey.

11:00 Interview with The Weekly News.

12:00 Interview with Ambulance Today.

13:30 Interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire.

14:20 Interview with Simon Mayo on Radio 5 Live.

15:20 Visit Apple store in Regent Street for new goodies for my Macbook



10:00 Pickup for Interview with The Guardian.

18:30 Phone interview with REM FM Spanish Radio.



18:00 Back to serving the people of East London.


The Devil makes work for idle hands…

4 thoughts on “Media Whore (Again)”

  1. 10:00 – Derbeyshire.10:30 – Jersey.If the LAS applied this speed of transport to patients you wouldn't have any problems reaching targets.

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