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  1. Damn, I've just spent the last 2 months reading your archive from start to finish and now you release it in handy to read book form. I suppose I'll have to buy it now.Congratulations and thanks for giving me something to read to alleviate the tedium of work.

  2. If it's out today….How come I bought it three days ago…Anyway I've nearly finished it, such a great book!

    Can you write one about your A&E SN experiences?!? please!

    I think I'm mad….I work to look after the delightful darlings of London then in my spare time I enjoy reading about other peoples experiences looking after the delightful people of London…


  3. Has been on pre-order for months. Now waiting for Amazon to deliver…There are already two used copies for sale. One of them says “Excellent condition and read only once from new”. Either a liar or a very quick reader.

  4. There are other EMT books around, so I am curious why Amazon has chosen to market yours as a companion volume to “Wasting Police Time: The Crazy World of the War on Crime.” Were you allowed any say in the matter?

  5. That interests me too. We don't have any say over which books are paired with which and it is apparently automatically determined by Amazon. In this case it does make some sense but sometimes the connection is less than obvious!

  6. Have been reading your blog for the past year or so. Got the book from Amazon earlier this week & couldn't put it down – finished it on Thursday and have passed it on to my Mum! Really enjoyed reading it – can't wait for the next one!

  7. Gahh! Waterstones in Edinburgh had 9 coipies in but I couldn't find a single one. It didn't help that for some reason it should have been in the sociology section. They also suggested psychology, burried somewhere in the 3 for 2, Humor, Biography, Culture and Media…. Half of the places made no sense, but then again I'm not sure where I'd place it.I guess I'll order from Amazon.

  8. That's annoying. I'm following it up so hopefully they will be shelved correctly soon. It should definitely be on the 3 for 2 tables though…

  9. Waterstones staff spent fifteen minutes walking round their Canterbury branch looking for it for me, and eventually found it under the New Releases heading… Hmm…I started reading it at about eight last night and finished about two, then slept for a long time. Darn good book though Reynolds – looking forward to the sequel.

  10. About 40 Hours later. And I finished it. 11pm last night. I recieved it on Thursday, mind you! Awesome book. Now I've given it to my Mum to read. Totally loved it. Had to stop at about page 150, and start again on Friday.:: Coral

  11. got the book this morning, the inside of the cover has a sort of big brother feel. the break down of the stories make it easy for a quick, read when the other half and the girls are shopping. as i was doing today. the looks u get sitting out side the changing rooms in a woman clothes store reading da book are intresting.

  12. Ordered mine via Amazon a while ago, but it has not yet arrived (possibly because it was ordered along with Wasting Police Time). It was impossible to resist going into Borders in Bournemouth today to pick up a 'spare' copy. Annoyingly definitely not on the three-for-two tables (although GirlWithAOneTrackMind was), but eventually found on a table marked 'Psychology' in the basement. Weird huh? Anyway, it is excellent! The blog translates very well to the page – my wife (a non blog-reader) has already 'borrowed' it from me and won't give it back. Congrats to you, and kudos to the editors.

  13. Had mine on pre-order for a while too, but being in NZ I was expecting to wait until the end of the month for it to get here. Wonderful surprise to find it on Thursday morning! Thanks for a great read, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am now passing it around the family.

  14. Ahh I've just finished it… on yet another boring night!I returned to Borders to find another book and saw two people looking through your book…

    Think they'll be sold out their soon!

  15. It's now on the way from London to North Wales for my non-medic Ma and social worker Uncle…. I fear he's the annoying type of on call social worker who actually does bugger all … maybe this will show him how annoying he is …hehe

  16. Oh dear, I just found my first typo, on page 219.However that's more than two thirds of the way through, so not so bad.(I wonder how one gets a job as an extremely slow proofreader?)

  17. bought your book yesterday already halfway through it. i intended to finish it tonight as on nights tonight but some how i dont think i will get the chance. well worth the 7.99 i paid for it from waterstones in Regent St. keep it goingall the best

  18. I've just ordered your book today. I'm looking forward to reading through. You'll be a rich man by the end of this year!Good luck with it.

  19. so who's going to put the first reader's review on Amazon then?! Just put my order in but was surprised no readers either from the blog or elsewhere had put a review up – someone must have a mo to do it?!

  20. It looks like it's a common problem in Waterstone's…Went into Waterstone's in Reading today to buy the book. I was told that it's in the Biography section and they have 5 copies. After 10 minutes of searching I wasn't able to locate a single one. Two shopassistans were looking for the books for another 15 minutes when I gave up. Luckily Reading has another Waterstone's, which was a bit more organized.

    Nice work Tom!

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