Yesterday was great fun, picked up by cab from home, driven through my patch to the ITN studios in Holborn (hardly sweating at all). I met Rachael from the publisher's PR company as I tried to bypass the security checkpoint.We were led through to the huge newsroom, TV's and computer screens everywhere. Everyone was bounding around the place in some form of organised chaos.
One cup of coffee later (some of which ended up going down my jeans, the reason why I wear black jeans a lot) and I felt a lot calmer. Never underestimate feeding your caffeine receptors.
I was introduced to Chris, the presenter who would be interviewing me and both he and the producer put me at my ease. I was told that the piece would be 3 minutes long and I was given a bit of warning of the questions I would be asked.
Of course, all that would change as the schedule changed for some important news.
I snuck a look at their computer scheduling software. They plan the programme to the second. It's all immensely impressive.
I was taught about the microphone and what I should do immediately before and after the interview.
Then I was led into the studio. I was expecting a big studio full of people, but was surprised to find the presenter as the only person there. The cameras and prompters were all robots and the presenter had a foot control that did some arcane trickery.
I can't remember the interview. But I did note that he really plugged the book well.
Then it was back in the car to go home in order to watch myself make a fool of myself on telly.
Not *too* bad, but the important thing (after chatting with the LAS' press office) is that I still have a job.
Now I'm just waiting to fly out – this has been posted not only from my mobile, but also on an empty stomach so please ignore the 'Janet and John' approach.
Feel free to chat among yourself, I have no idea what the internet is like in the resort, so I may, or may not be able to post from there. If I can't, then I'll be back next week.
Keep safe.
(Flight MYT0037, so if it crashes, you'll know why I won't be updating this blog any more).
Sent from a mobile phone, in the middle of Gatwick airport.

20 thoughts on “Departing”

  1. Am I the only one really glad that Tom flew out yesterday and not today? Thanks for the link to the interview as well – I'll check it out now πŸ™‚

  2. Ooh exciting. Enjoy the break.If someone puts the interview up somewhere, please post the url. I really doubt I'll get to see it here in Australia!

  3. oh no, now when I watch London today I will be looking for what their feet are doing!Hope you have a lovely holiday, and come back nice and refreshed, ready to experience some really horrid stuff at work to entertain us all with.

  4. I edited the swearing out…(only kidding).

    Was wondering about changing the colour of his shirt though… or maybe changing the colour half-way through the broadcast! That would have got some discussion going in Tom's absence!!!


  5. BenBack in the 1950's here in England the Janet and John books were a series of readers for schoolchildren beginning to read. They were very simple illustrated stories told in short sentences and large print.

    Hope this helps.



  6. Here is Janet.Here is John.

    Janet has a pretty dress.

    John has a muddy ball.

    John kicks the ball at Janet.

    Oh no! Janet's dress is muddy!

    Mummy washes Janet's dress.

    Everyone has cake.

    Except I've probably been far too creative, sensible, and non-sexist-stereotype there.

  7. On dial up – the video is taking aaaaages to load.Mosh – I actually dropped by to leave a comment about travel drama as well!

  8. Great interview!May I add, that (having resisted the urge to watch or listen to Mr Reynolds thus far), I was very impressed with his on-screen presence – having said that (it's probably just me) he physically sounded really different compared to what I was expecting… the effect of getting to know someone through reading their work I suppose… but otherwise he came across as wry and witty as his writing.

    Btw the interviewer is indeed as young as he looks – he used to present Newsround (popular childrens' news programme on the BBC) a few years back.

  9. Well done on the interview! Amazon very kindly sent my my copy of 'Da Book' early and I got it today. I'm saving it to read during the flight when I (hopefully) go to the US later this month, but what I've had a sneaky read of so far looks great. I'm looking forward to the rest of it!

  10. I've just bought your book from Borders on Oxford Street and decided to read it on the bus home….I couldn't stop laughing! The people on my bus must think I'm mad!I'm on nights tonight, so will no doubt be giggling to myself reading it tonight…. Here's hoping I'll have a quiet night!

  11. Your book arrived via Amazon yesterday – and I found it so funny that I stayed up until I'd finished it!! Well done!!

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