Not Nervous

I'm sitting in the car being driven to the studio, jus passing my work 'patch'. It's a live programme and I'm not nervous…Not nervous at all.
Which is why this sick feeling in my stomach is so unusual.
Nothing to do with every interview having the danger of saying the wrong thing and losing my job.
Nope – not nervous…

18 thoughts on “Not Nervous”

  1. wow, so calm!well done you, looked great and it was brillient publicity for the book. Remember us meek folk when u are rich and famous :p

  2. I hope someone records it and can post online. Reception gets pretty bad out here. As my Mum always says – 'Best of Skill'. Enjoy every last moment in the spotlight that you can have – I mean how many people get to do that ?

  3. Just be you, if you try to be anything you are not it will feel forced and unatural. A good interviewer will put you at your ease and bring out the best in you. Hope all goes well.Sage

  4. break a leg reynolds … but if u do don't call for an ambulance .. i hear they get very upset about that sort of thing:o) You will shine through … as usual

  5. The trick to dealing with cameras — video or still — is to look straight into the lens as if it's the most beautiful girl/guy you've ever seen. Ideally you want to seduce it, but you need to be suave, not clumsy.

  6. That's me buggered then, can't seduce to save my life. I have to rely on getting women drunk.*Maybe I should buy the camera a pint?

    *Obviously not true. I have access to drugs…

  7. Well done Reynolds, I watchedthe lunchtime news as I was eating my baked potato. The shirt was great, they always say to wear bold colours on video. You didn't seem nervous or come across as too world weary or cynical.The chap interviewing you seemed to be about 12 years old. I suppose I will have to add newsreaders to my list of 'you know you are getting older when the xxxxx seem too young'… policemen, doctors, newsreaders..

  8. Tried to say pretty much the same thing on Mr Reynolds behalf, presumptious?, but couldn't figure out how to post a comment. Maybe this will be third time lucky!Mr Reynolds, have recently discovered your blog, via Dr Crippen I think, and have since spend many hours absorbed reading the archives. Kids have gone feral and fella threatening to turn round and go to hotel when he can't get in the door from my not having cleared up the stuff the kids have left in the hallway. Worth it though. Good onyer!

  9. everything's gone all italic!does that fix things?

    oh, the interview? Please can someone make it available online so us non-Londoners can have a look?

  10. What silly sod left an open tag hanging…Oh… It was me.

    Well, I'm only *mostly* perfect.

    Cheers tjwood

  11. I was at home today and still managed to miss the interview – bugger! Sure you did well though…I'm probably not the first to bring this to your attention but did you see this on Diamond Geezer today?

    Two of my top daily blog reads deemed good enough to share with the nation… very well deserved I might add! But I do worry about the size of your head after all this attention ; )

  12. Like the previous commenter, I was at home and still managed to miss it. I'm sure you did just fine though. You must be feeling a bit shocked with all this publicity. You so deserve all the attention though!

  13. I got given a promo copy of your book at work last week (I'm a journalist). I've just this minute finished it and thought it was excellent…I was glued to it. Thanks for making my tube journey to work more interesting for the past week…I'll continue to follow the trials and tribulations of LAS through the blog from now on. I'd never heard of it before but I'm hooked now!

  14. And I'm joining the “somebody make it available online” brigade… it's bad enough having to wait for the book!

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