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If you have just come here from the Mail on Sunday you may be interested to know that you can reach over three years worth of writing from the archive links on the right of your screen. If you are looking to find a (very) cheap offer on my book then Amazon are doing a very good deal.

Despite the impression that the article may give, I have a whale of a time doing my job and I tend to write about it on an almost daily basis. East London is an interesting area and while I don't do anything 'heroic' I do try my best to help as many people as possible.

Feel free to explore this site, and the many more blogs that are even more interesting than mine.

-Tom Reynolds

22 thoughts on “Mail On Sunday”

  1. Go back and have another look at Amazon. You can pre-order the book from them. They'll post it out as soon as it's available.

  2. I can't find the article on the online version. Gah! Still, I think there's a CD or something free with it…

  3. there is a free Stranglers CD with today's Mail, the first 3 customers at the garage all stated that they were only buying it for the CD! I did of course tell them to read the article as well.

  4. Having had the pleasure of working with Mr Reynolds again today I thought I should let you loyal blog readers know that his new found potential fame has in no way affected him (Ha Ha Ha). The next time I hear the words “international superstar” he will suffer! Just waiting for a patient to recognise him – when that happens I may well need to go home before I hit him with one of the 7 copies of the mail that we had to buy this morning!

  5. Just out of interest, when will your book be published? I've followed as much of your blog work as possible, however, i find it difficult to find the time to sit and read your entries. Plus, like many people, i hate reading from computer screens! Buying the book, and reading it at night would be much better!I used your link, to take me to Amazon, and they say, “Not yet published

    Sorry if you've posted the date somewhere, it's like i said, i cannot find the time to read through your blog.

    Thank You.

  6. Ordered the book yesterday! Been reading this blog for about a year now, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's sad, but it's always thought provoking. At least the article shows what it can be like on the sticky end of life…. if that causes people to think a little, then that can't be a bad thing.(The book is out on the 18th)

  7. Rubbish – it was only three copies…And now Shinynewrelief has gone home to build a shrine to me, and to buy more copies so she can wallpaper her bedroom with my serious faced picture.

  8. Are you doing any book signings? (Being an international superstar and all 🙂 ). I think you should do at least one in London; a joint appearance with PC Copperfield out of the back of an ambulance in Leicester Sq perhaps. Great Blog, you deserve every success.

  9. Congratulations on the article in today's Mail on Sunday and the book, Tom! Well done! I'm a loyal reader of your blog and I'm also planning to buy your book. I'm sure your book will be very popular.

  10. I went to my mums today and she said there is a bit about a ambo tech from london in the paper. i told her i read the blog and have the book on order. she want to lend it when i finished reading it. i am wondering of buying her a copy for her birthday, if i could get it signed even beter.we think you got the look of 'come on this bag heavy'

  11. Tom – you are a super-star and quite rightly too.You have brought, in a humane and realistic way, to the general lay-person, public-at-large, whatever, what it's like in the LAS along with introducing new thoughts, ideas and concepts.

    Thinking outside the box may be scary, but it never did any harm.

    Good luck for ever and lots of raspberries!

  12. tell him to email me an appropriate address to send 'em to (ambo station, hospital, publishers, I dunno) and I shall see what I can do 🙂

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