From The Other Side

I often go to people who have attempted suicide. I've learnt that I shouldn't really push to find out why they have attempted to kill themselves, either the cause is the typical, 'I've had a fight with my boyfriend/girlfriend' or, 'I'm depressed'. Sometimes though the cause is something unusual and reliving the thought processes that led them to their decision only serves to upset them.

So my standard way of handling such patients is to be a nice as possible, let them know what is happening and their likely treatment when we reach the hospital and then to keep them calm and as happy as possible.

Poon has written about his parasuicide and the alcoholism that led to it. He is a brave soul to write about something that still has a large stigma attached to it.

While I'm always interested to read about the other side of the patient/ambulance divide, it's not something that I can often get a handle on because of the acute nature of my work.

2 thoughts on “From The Other Side”

  1. Cheers Tom, read the article this morning as I was finishing my night shift at the garage. Makes for good reading and is sure to boost the sales no end!Poons

  2. Poons,As Tom says thanks for 'bligging' or even blogging about such a stigmatised subject.

    You are both diamonds.

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