Why You Should/Shouldn’t Buy My Book

Blogging is built around reputation and I don't want to get known as someone who is conning people into buying his book. So here comes the sell/anti-sell that will let you make up your mind as to whether to buy the book or not.

Reasons Not To Buy The Book.

1) Almost all of the material is taken from this blog. If you look back into the archives it's pretty much all there. There are 'commentaries' on some of the posts but If you've read the archives, then you've read almost all of the book (and probably any sequel).

2) The book will be freely available for download under a Creative Commons license. It is, as far as we know, the first CC licensed book from a British author/major publisher. So you can read it on your computer screen for free, or even print it out for taking down the beach.

3) You don't think you should be encouraging my ego to grow any more than it already has.

Reasons To Buy The Book.

1) It's a good way to get your non-blog reader friends and family to read my stuff.

2) Lots of people prefer reading a book rather than reading something off a computer screen.

3) It has already passed a few 'mum' tests, where it has been given to someone's mother and they've loved it – so it will make a nice gift.

4) It physically looks lovely. The design of the cover and inside the book is really top notch. It's a good-looking book.

5) You'd like something to read on the train and are frightened of being mugged for your PDA. Also you will look dead sexy reading it.

6) You can read the stuff from here, only with better grammar and less spelling mistakes. Also you get the 'DVD Extras' of the commentaries on individual posts.

7) It's cheap, it lasts longer than a film and costs less so you get more 'bang for your buck'.

8) You love me and want to give me your money. Or you want it to rocket to the top of the charts so that I can go to all the top parties and write about it here. Or you like The Friday Project and would like them to make lots of money and lots more great books.

21 thoughts on “Why You Should/Shouldn’t Buy My Book”

  1. This is moot because I decided I was going to buy it when you first said you might be doing it.I expect most of your other readers feel the same.

    So ner.

  2. D'you know – I think Tom is getting excited about the book! Not that that message comes across in the blog of course….

  3. I don't know about you guys, but even with reading all the archives and the comments I'm still gonna buy it.. should be lots of fun! (now if there was a US publisher so that I wouldn't have to pay the shipping/money conversion fees!)

  4. How can it be that new songs can't be downloaded free, yet a new book can. Won't the publishers lose loadsa income? This 'Creative Commons' licence looks like it could dissuade anyone from writing books eventually.

  5. Speaking of “DVD Extras,” if you yourself were unavailable, and you could hire any actor or news reader to narrate the book, who might that be?

  6. Nope.The way I see it is two ways.

    1) this blog has always been CC licensed and to change it now (by adding loads of restrictions will only discourage people from quoting me on other sites.

    2) My biggest problem isn't piracy, it's obscurity. The more people who have a chance to see the book, the more that will buy it because they won't be content reading it off a screen.

    Besides it only takes one person with a scanner and an internet connection to spread it around the world.

    And you can download CC licensed music, for instance the podsafe network is full of it.

    And an example, I liked 'Eastern Standard Time' so much i not only downloadd it for free, but also bought the dead tree edition. So that's kind of what I am hoping for at the moment.

  7. Damn, I was going to bribe you with beer to sign the book for the sister!There is a girl geek dinner coming up, if you want to wangle an invite let me know

  8. Let me know the dates and the place and I'll see what I can do. It's been a while since I've been to one of those sorts of things (I haven't been to a conference _all_year_) and I'm feeling the serious urge to socialise.I was going to start up blogmeets again, but time has been short of late for some reason…

  9. Well I just ordered it from Amazon as my wife won't read it from a screen and I keep telling her about the blob.Best of luck but don't get to rich and pack in the day job 🙂

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