For Charity

As an author I get some complimentary copies of my book. As a pretty basic way of saying 'thank you' to the London Ambulance Service for letting me write this in the first place I am auctioning off one of my copies.

All the proceeds will go to the London Ambulance Service Benevolent fund, a charity that looks after sick and injured ambulance workers. They do good work and survive on donations that many of us make directly from our pay packets each month.

So if you would like a signed, first edition/first printing copy of the book, go here on eBay and bid away. The money goes to a good cause.

And it will send you good karma.

Because I say so.

UPDATE:Tim Worstall has added his 'Blogged 2005' to the auction, so now you are getting two books for the price of one. And can I just say *Gahh!* at the price it is already at…

4 thoughts on “For Charity”

  1. It's already out of my price range!Can I reiterate my offer of home-baked biscuits and some kinder egg toys?

  2. Lets just hope the winner does pay for the book. there are alot of timewatsers on theif-bay now. I spose if they dont they will get a lot of bad press on here though. Revenge is a dish best served cold!

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