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I've just spent an hour or so at my Station during my day off having pictures taken of me by a photographer for the Mail on Sunday. I'm going to be a 'feature' this Sunday. There is, I believe, a special offer on the book. I was told not to smile for the photos.

Actually there was a bit of angst involved in this as the Mail wanted photos of myself in my uniform playing around with an ambulance. The thing is, the book is very much 'unofficial', so I didn't know if LAS management were going to be happy to have pictures of me looking like an 'official spokesperson'.

A couple of phone calls passed between myself, the LAS press office and the Mail on Sunday resulting in our press office asking me not to say anything too stupid and giving the go ahead for the photographs. I am very thankful to our press office as I'm enjoying being a media whore, its fun and it might make my bank manager happy.

So the Mail on Sunday has some stern looking pictures of me, extracts of the book written up and hopefully I'll sell loads more books making me, and my publishers buckets of money.

I live in hope.

I would like to apologise for the constant mentioning of the book, but I thought that you may be interested in the fun I'm having over it. Don't worry, my fifteen minutes of fame will soon be up.

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  1. Definitely – this is your blog after all, and getting a book published is bound to be a pretty big deal. I think it's only natural to want to talk about it.

  2. Thanks. It really wasn't meant as an insult, or that you'd be 'conning' people, what insight into someone's pesonality you can glean from reading about someone and their life in a blog, would suggest that you really aren't the sort of person who would do that… For what the opinion of a stranger is worth.

  3. You really don't need to apologise for talking about the book – it's a great achievement and not something you should be embarrassed about enjoying.Have fun with it. Can't wait to get my copy.

  4. No apologies needed, just enjoy it all :-)And I guess now we all know you are in the Mail on Sunday too we will be boosting their circulation this week.

    Glad I got my Amazon order in for da book early – we will all be awaiting the first reprint at this rate!

  5. Fella, yourself and people like you deserve a break once in a while. Make the most of it and the best of luck with the sales!

  6. I'm allergic to all promotion, self- and otherwise. I don't know what the thin fine line is between telling people about your life and flogging your stuff for money, but you haven't irritated even a super-crotchet like me. Pretty amazing. Good luck with the whole book thing (not that you need it), and I can't wait to buy it.

  7. A quick question about the book. Does it take material from your blog, or is it originally written specifically for the book?I'm going to buy a copy for a friend who's in her final year of medical school, ut am wondering whether to pick up a copy for myself.

  8. It's pretty much all from the blog – I'll be writing about this tomorrow, as I don't want to 'cheat' anyone.Also you'll be able to download the whole text for free.

  9. You took the words right out of my… I would never part with cash for that rag. But I think they have a website (most papers do) and you'll probably find it there.

  10. In that case, as long as I'm careful not to click links to any other stories, we should be okay.A couple of years ago my mother actually had to ban me from picking up the Mail to flip through in waiting rooms and the suchlike, because I'd always come back being grrrrrr.

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