I was reading The Independent today and one of the stories was about how single men in their thirties (i.e. me) are generally worse off than their happily partnered off colleagues. Then I saw that single people use 13% more energy and take up more space.

Finally there is the front page of Time Out.

I wonder if the government will soon start forcing us to have partnerships and I wonder if I should be 'regretful' about having not found the right person to share my flat/life/health concerns/power usage with.

Well if Blair and co. want me to partner up, then they better make shift work illegal.

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  1. Sure – married men live longer than single men – it's just that they are happier to die when they do!;-)

  2. It will be interesting if marriage does become compulsory.How does someone like me (severly disabled, no work, low income, mid 50's, pug ugly, low IQ, no prospects,) get hitched?But I will tell you one thing. Since becoming disabled, the percentage of women who play games with you because you can be useful (e.g. get a British passport, use you in a jealousy game) is in the upper 80s.

  3. I can tell you one thing. The bean counting actuarial weanies at American insurance companies probably charge higher premiums to single men for those exact reasons. They don't miss a thing.So, are you going to be on the cover of TO, then ?

  4. No, if you were ugly you'd be married. Trust me, I've seen some hideous couples recently…Shift work and relationships are a bit difficult. My boyfriend and I work at the same place but he works days and I work nights. If my shifts didn't have a tendancy to overrun by hours I'd probably never see him!

  5. You get self confidence (ie you stop thinking of yourself as “pug ugly, low IQ, no prospects”), and you ditch what is in a very un-PC way known as “the crip chip”, which is the being convinced that people are out to get you because you're disabled, or that it means more people take advantage of you for a passport etc…And before anyone starts, I know I have the occasional problem with confidence and the “crip chip” too, but heck, recognising it is the first stage of dealing with it, right?

  6. The world looks down on us single people, we take up more space, resources, cost more etc…. If it ever becomes mandatory to be part of a couple it will be the time to day a long dive off a short cliff… we pay more for rooms than a couple, food is often packaged for families or couples yet we are castigated because we are not seen to be 'normal'…Well I for one like being odd, pleasing myself about what to watch on the television, not having to worry about the moods of other half (been there done that).

    Rock all singles….. we are important (even if only to ourselves)


  7. The news article concentrates on per capita consumption, and neglects to note that single or never-married people are less apt to have inflicted an energetic pack of kids on the environment.

  8. Indeed.Or that you tend to contribute to local services over the odds, as council tax is per household and not per person.

  9. it about personality, i know people that were having a fag when god was giving out looks, but were front of the line for personality, they are happy married and are great laugh. all you need to do is have confidence and find someone that love you for you.

  10. “Then I saw that single people use 13% more energy and take up more space.” … than one-person householders OVER 60! Cool. You do more stuff than a solo grandma. 🙂

  11. Well that's a slightly bleak read. Comforting to note though – as I go about buying my first property, on my own – that I'm part of a growing demographic.If they want to hook me up with a gorgeous and intelligent young woman to help pay the bills that's fine with me, but there's no way I'm sharing a flat with randoms again. Ever.

  12. Couldn't agree with you more! I get really annoyed with discounts on 'family size' everything.I think I could only ever live with another committed singleton and even then only if we made a pact to never speak to each other in the house!

    How come we get no credit, let alone tax relief, for not overpopulating the planet? Hmph!

  13. “How come we [Singles that be] get no credit, let alone tax relief, for not overpopulating the planet? Hmph”no future income for those that profess to do good only. Society needs bodies to provide cheap…..

    There be myths [Marriage] to get the majority to become factory fodder and cannon fodder, and provide an income to those that get to contribute.

    Marriage be a partnership for those that truly believe in democracy, most don't , many do not want to share, only be a victim or a boss.

    Totally unnecessary to commit unless thee can find a true sharer in thy dreams and not be a leach. Sex is readily available so no longer a requirement. In western segment, food is not scarce [would always like more], A pad be the difficult one, needs lot of quids now.

    ON my Travels there be kids galore, result of instant gratification. There fore Marriage is missused.

    Do not get me wrong, I' ve been bloody lucky to find a grand partner of 50 years.

    But it is sharing of many things , it be like jig saw puzzle taking a long time to fit neatly, but has been fun, it is not enough to match.

    Most humans do not have all the talents to have it all. So People got together and stared dutch treat , i.e. share the burden ,not one to carry it all and the other to sit back.

    Money be in most cases the controlling factor, he/she that has it gets the other to do it.

    So,Reynolds, If thee can find a mirror image that can enhance thy talents and thee can enhance the other, then there be a fighting chance that sum be greater than the whole.

    from one old procrastinating codger that is in the last line of Bards, the whole world be a stage and….

  14. Hye, I've just seen the cover of Time Out and I know that girl – she's in my Poetry Class – and she's really lovely. If I were not over 60. And female. And heterosexual. And happily married…There's a subtle misogyny about this site, have you noticed ?

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