Ben, A Top Bloke.

A couple of days ago Ben Hammersley took some photos of me, for use in various publicity bits.

On the day we did this he had been fitted for his bulletproof vest. He's now over in Afghanistan both writing and publishing beautiful pictures.

Go take a look, he's a top bloke (and bloody clever as well). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he stays safe.

7 thoughts on “Ben, A Top Bloke.”

  1. This one is the best IMO. I like the way it focusses the attention on your eyes. Very intense. It's also the one which doesn't have the faint 'help! camera! quick, look normal!' feeling about it ;-)(that's not taking the piss. I'm one of the least photogenic people around, which is why I'm always the one behind the camera)



  2. I know what you mean. When my sister in law married for the second time, I offered to do the photography for that very reason…My fave is this one

  3. thanks for the link – it has let me discover Ben's amazing work – some of his photos (sadly not the ones of you) are stunning!

  4. Years ago, I read an essay about the book publicity photo. It observed that first-time authors generally wear tweed and touch their chins with either an unlit pipe or a half-folded pair of eyglasses.

  5. I will keep an eye out for him. But, I guees that he is out in the provinces cruising and seeing the real Afghan life… I wish! Stuck in a “hotel” I am. At least I have dialup.

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