There has been any blogging for the last few days because of illness, something that I'll go into in a post later today (probably after work, unless I get an ambulance that breaks down…)

So in the half hour before I need to leave for work I thought I'd quickly mention a few things.

Craig (from Crog's Blog) let me know that 'Rest Area 300m' has dedicated a pothole to yours truly. I can easily imagine how such a pothole could be made with ambulance tearing out of there at high speed.

Towards the nearest kebab shop.

The other interesting thing is that I've had a bit of my work published in the Press Gazette. It's an edited version of my 'The Perils Of Citizen Journalism' post. You can find it on their '/Discuss' section. I'm being paid for it as well – once we sort out the tax that is.

I got my prizes from wining those Medgadget polls, a couple of rather nice books. The box that they came in was so battered it was easy to believe that they had come halfway across the world.

I'm using Ecto to write this, so if it's a bit screwy, I'll need to adjust some preferences. Once more – after work.

7 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. bleh, being ill is yuk. Glad you're feeling better.Not sure about the dubious honour of a dedicated pothole though.

  2. Re: Citizen Journalism.Just follow the example of 'Have I got news for you' and add 'allegedly' to every accusation.

  3. ah, me likes nicely filled potholes. Not *quite* as good as nice smooth pavements with plenty of dropped kerbs, mind 😉

  4. FYI, comments seem to be messed up again (at least for me on Mac OSX, using Safari, about 3:30 Sat. a.m. your time) I can reply to a comment, but not respond to a post that has no other comments yet.Glad to hear your tingly fingers are feeling better. Bit scary when stuff like that happens, and I bet it's worse with the kind of knowledge you have!

  5. Comments messed up in the same way for me on Windows XP using Firefox, 11.23 our time.And I can't remember what I was originally going to comment, either. Poo.

  6. I've only just managed to get in to this at all (IE; Saturday noon BST). Yesterday I just got a black screen with a couple of the RHS icons showing.Such relief it's back to normal – I was getting withdrawal symptoms!

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