Why Do I Go To Drunks So Often?

From the BBC – (Full story here),

Drink-related hospital admissions in England have reached record levels, NHS statistics show.

Hospital admissions for alcoholic liver disease more than doubled in a decade, reaching 35,400 in 2004/5.

Admissions for alcoholic poisoning increased to 21,700 from 13,600 over the same 10-year period.

The report by the Information Centre for health and social care also highlights England's binge and underage drinking problem.

Problem drinking

Nearly one in four secondary school children aged 11-15 reported that they had drunk alcohol in the past week when surveyed in 2005.

The average amount of alcohol consumed by this age group doubled between 1990 and 2000 and currently remains at 10.4 units (or about 10 small glasses of wine or five pints of beer) per week.

Young adults are the most likely to binge drink – a third of men and a quarter of women aged 16-24 said they had drunk more than double the recommended number of units on one day of the previous week, typically Saturday, when surveyed in 2004.

In comparison, older adults, aged 45-64, are more likely to drink smaller amounts regularly, on five or more days of the week.

Although high, the UK's consumption levels ranked middle against other European Union countries in 2001. Luxembourg topped the table, with its residents drinking an average 17.54 litres per capita per year compared to the UK's 10.39 litres.

But unlike other countries in Europe, the UK's alcohol consumption is still rising.

Well there’s a shocker…

“By presenting this data we hope that health professionals will be better equipped to put their work in context and to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol misuse,”

We know that alcohol is bad for your health, you only have to spend one Saturday night shift in A&E to realise this.  The problem is that people just don’t listen to us when we tell them.  But it’s alright, it must be alright, just look at all the advertisements on the TV linking drinking to the world cup because can’t watch a football match without alcohol can we?

Oh I give up…

What would be of more interest is finding out why people (the young in particular) feel the need to drink so much.

And if you are wondering – yes I am still tea-total, yes it is hard especially today when my Macbook decides to stop charging the battery and the comments system on this blog goes down and the sun is in the sky and the pub is calling…

4 thoughts on “Why Do I Go To Drunks So Often?”

  1. you go to drunks so often because you are sent to drunks so often and it is your job to go where you are sent and do whatever you can.Damn I'm good. Next question!

  2. I thought of you as I read that BBC article, and just knew you would have something to say about it. Very interesting (and sad) to hear that it's not just my imagination that the problem has gotten worse since I left the UK 21 years ago.

  3. I know it's the bbc article, not your own, but is it just me that sees this as looking wrong”increased to 21,700 from 13,600 ” a negative increase perhaps?confused of surrey.

  4. increased TO 21,700 FROM 13,600it does read funny because they put the bigger number first in the sentence but gramatically it makes sense.

    If you prefer: increased from 13,600 to 21,700

    Is that better?

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