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While I'm being published here in the UK, my publishers are looking for someone to publish me in America. If anyone can help them (and by extension help me) you can drop me a line on the usual channels. Or talk to The Friday Project.

(Just so you know they don't *need* help with this, it's more like widening the search).

For those that are interested in signed copies – we may be providing them as a service direct from The Friday Project. Otherwise I may be able to *cough* sort something out under the table if that is what people really want.

The book is 280 pages…but I'll save the big sell for closer to the release date.

15 thoughts on “Looking for A Publisher”

  1. if i send you a sticker with a SAE could you sign it, and send it back.Oh i decided not to order from smiths, its on order from amazon. cant wait for it to land on the doorstep.

  2. Pardon my flipness, but someone had to ask: Did your book agent in the states first approach “Random” House?

  3. Oh dear…Actually I don't have an agent. Didn't see the need for one as the publishers were approaching me, not the other way around.

  4. Hmmm.If I send you a box o'goodies (via your publishers of course), maybe some chocolate, perhaps bake some biccits, a kinder egg toy or two, would that get me a signed copy?*starts bidding war*Cos I can't really get to the pub in London *sniff*

  5. HarperCollins has been pretty active in publishing bloggers (Clublife, Mimi in New York, others). Since you already have a publisher in the UK they'd have an easy time of it.

  6. Awesome! Congrats many times over, Tom. Best of luck on a US publisher, I have an interest in getting some copies over here!

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