The Physicality Of ‘Da Book’

This is the 'big news' that I mentioned earlier.'Da book' has been printed and bound.
It actually, physically, exists.
The shift from something ephemeral into an actual object is a bit of a shock. I have a copy with me now and I am stunned to see my words printed on a page. Blogs are hugely important, but words on a screen don't have the same resonance as a physical artifact.
I must admit to a small desire that crossed my mind earlier. To go into a bookshop and, placing my book amongst the others, see what it looks like surrounded by authors that I respect.
Instead I think I'll wait the 18 days until it's released to see them in the shops proper.
It's a strange feeling this, not really excitement (as I think my job has raised my threashold for 'excitement'), neither is it really 'pride', as it hasn't seemed like work at all. Instead it's just a feeling of 'the warm and fuzzies' – probably soon to be nausea as I read the reviews…
I'd just like to take this moment to thank, not only my publisher, but also you dear reader. Without you folks making this blog so popular I'd never be in this excellent situation. For that I thank you all.
(Rumours that I introduced myself as 'the talent' at a recent PR meeting are absolutely true).
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22 thoughts on “The Physicality Of ‘Da Book’”

  1. I already asked, at my local bookstore, when it might be available here in Australia (did that when you posted the link to the short vid about it).

  2. So the tall, dark and dodgy-looking bloke spotted loitering suspiciously in various bookstores in the London area from mid August will probably be you then : )Congrats from another long-time reader, who, despite buying it half-price from amazon (for which she apologises) would still like the opportunity to get it signed!

  3. No, wait till it is in the shops then rearrange the books on the shelves so it is more prominent šŸ˜‰

  4. My publishers have already warned me that I'll be doing that…Maybe I'll just approach the bookshop managers and offer to sign some copies for them.

    (Beware of the ego)

  5. I can't imagine walking into Smith's and seeing a stack of books with my name on. Worse yet, I can't imagine walking into Smith's a year from now and seeing my book in the 'bargain books' section. Still, to get a book – any book – published is quite a feat, and you should feel very proud of yourself.A question, though – how do you balance patient's privacy issues with telling a funny or poignant story ? Do you think a patient who is reading your book and thinking 'Oh, that was me he's talking about' has a right to feel violated, or do you change the details so much that nobody could ever figure that out ? We transported a woman yesterday who ran over herself with her own car (don't ask), which is a pretty silly thing to do. I imagine that if she read about even the vague details, she'd be offended that people were having a chuckle at her lapse in judgement. It's such a thorny area – how do you work around it ?

  6. I just wanted to say congratulations … I`m a long term reader and will definitely be buying da Book and recommending it to lots of people …

  7. Congratulations on the book in print.. I still want my signed copy….!On the lady with the foot….. you should read some Darwin Awards and FHM True Stories.. lots of people do very silly things! I'm sure the details would be obscured enough to protect the incompetent. (Having said that an ex armed forces guy who works for me recognised the guy in FHM True Stories who ended up being bitten on the p***s by a turtle!)

  8. i wonder if my back water towns Smiths will have it in stock or will i have to order it? Oh well only 18 days to find out, then it will be first non techinical book i've read in the last 8 years.Tom hows this for a review for the back of the book “so good it broke my 8 year habbet of reading only techinal books” Better stop there or tom wont get is head in the trucks cab. hehe

  9. If Tom gets too famous, when will he have time to work?!I thought that was the main reason we read this, so he can comment on things that happen when he does work, and in his life. Now I'm not saying his life outside of work isn't interesting or anything…

  10. I am taking the whole family away on holiday in a few weeks, and you do realise that you will be totally responsible for my lack of interest in everything they are doing whilst I get immersed in a new book . . . . šŸ™‚

  11. Hey I've been a long time reader of this blog (even went to its beginings and reread everything!) So congrats !!!! Hopefully we'll be able to pick this book up here in the states soon too!EugPS- yes I am a responder too (EMT-B)

  12. yes.. defo wait until it's out officially…you could place a bet on the shop owner not seeing you place the book on the shelf….but certainly noticing when you picked it back up and put it in your pocket…..


    author caught and convicted of shoplifting own book.

    not good…. lol


  13. Hmmm…The way that I see it is that if the patient reads this and recognises themself then it isn't a breach of confidentiality if no-one else can tie my description to that patient.

    It's a bit of a balancing act, but some things are seperated by time and I always remove all distinguishing marks.

    It kind of ties in to the 'How to blog without losing your job' post (that you can find on the sidebar).

  14. Feeling warm and fuzzy myself on your behalf. And not forgetting your on-the-road colleagues and the folks in the control room. Thanks, girls & guys.

  15. Hello,I am a long time reader and cant wait to buy your book when I am in London in October.Any chance you'll be doing any signings?

  16. You could set up a mini home-made Borders stall in the back and encourage semi-conscious customers to partake of a signed copy or two. You could even do them a little flask of Chai Tea latte and put some jazz on the stereo, or something.

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