11 thoughts on “Customers”

  1. Surely it's great evidence of why all teenage chavs should have scooters – to keep the population down… It's natural selection isn't it?

  2. I had a horrible feeling it would be that video… I saw it a couple of days ago and it made me feel sick.

  3. I've got something similar for you. Recently we were called to a teenage boy (under 16) with burns. He had been cleaning his moped with petrol and decided to light a cigarette. Imagine his surprise when this ignited the petrol vapour and also a cloth draped over his arm. He shook the cloth off, which promptly wrapped itself around his neck, causing partial thickness burns all around his neck (although fortunately his airway wasn't burned). We applied burns dressings to his neck and arm and took him to hospital. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he'll be making a trip to the burns unit at Mount Vernon.Leaving aside the issues of an under-age juvenile smoking and owning a moped (he is too young to have a licence so he has been riding it illegally); he clearly isn't the sharpest tool in the box, and was a thoroughly unpleasant little scroat with it. His mother told us that he has been excluded from school – perhaps if he had paid attention in science he would have learned that petrol is highly inflammable!!!.

    Sometimes I think there are some areas of the gene pool that could use a little chlorine!

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